Berlin 2005 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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EP: Extraterrestrische Physik


Freitag, 4. März 2005, 14:00–18:45, TU BH349

14:00 EP 2.1 Hauptvortrag: Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES) — •Franz-Josef Lübken
14:30 EP 2.2 Fachvortrag: Energiereiche Teilchen als ein Mittler zwischen Sonne und Atmosphäre!? — •May-Britt Kallenrode
14:50 EP 2.3 Fachvortrag: Solar irradiance variations on time scales of interest for climate studies — •Natalie Krivova
15:10 EP 2.4 Fachvortrag: Modelling 11-Year Solar Cycle Variations in the Stratosphere — •Ulrike Langematz, Katja Matthes, and J. Lee Grenfell
15:30 EP 2.5 Fachvortrag: Modeling the sun’s influence on climate — •Ulrich Cubasch, Eduardo Zorita, and Frank Kaspar
15:50 EP 2.6 Diskussion — •
  16:00 30 min. break
16:30 EP 2.7 SABER and GPS, the prospective of continuous global gravity wave data from solar max to solar min — •Peter Preusse, Jens Wickert, Manfred Ern, and Christoph Jacobi
16:45 EP 2.8 Thermospheric Winds and Densities Derived from the CHAMP Satellite STAR Accelerometer — •Vance Henize, Hermann Lühr, and Wolfgang Köhler
17:00 EP 2.9 The impact of solar activity modulated galactic cosmic rays (GCR) on clouds — •Susanne Rohs, Gebhard Günther, Bernd Kärcher, Martina Krämer, Reinhold Spang, Pi-Huan Wang, and Cornelius Schiller
17:15 EP 2.10 Mean wind and gravity wave trends in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere deduced from Collm LF D1 drift measurements 1984-2003 — •Christoph Jacobi, Dierk Kürschner, and Nikolai Gavrilov
17:30 EP 2.11 The global signal of the 11-year sunspot cycle in the atmosphere: When do we need the QBO? — •Karin Labitzke
17:45 EP 2.12 Model Simulations of Thermospheric NO Intrusions and Comparison with MIPAS-ENVISAT observations — •Thomas Reddmann, Bernd Funke, Thomas von Clarmann, Sven Gabriel, Wolfgang Kouker, Manuel Lopez-Puertas, Roland Ruhnke, Gabriele Stiller, and Roland Uhl
18:00 EP 2.13 Enhanced NOx-induced ozone loss in the Arctic middle stratosphere during the 2002/03 winter and spring. — •Paul Konopka, Jens-Uwe Grooß, Martin Kaufmann, and Rolf Müller
18:15 EP 2.14 Towards a Better Understanding of the Energy Balance in the Upper Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere: Contributions from the ESA ENVISAT Mission — •Martin Kaufmann, Martin Riese, Sergio Gil-Lopez, Manuel Lopez-Puertas, Bernd Funke, Gabriele Stiller, Thomas von Clarmann, Heinrich Bovensmann, Pekka Verronen, and Anne Smith
18:30 EP 2.15 The sensitivity of the middle and upper atmosphere to solar and anthropogenic climate forcing: Simulations with HAMMONIA — •Hauke Schmidt, Guy P. Brasseur, and Marco A. Giorgetta
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