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EP: Extraterrestrische Physik

EP 6: Kosmische Strahlung und Heliosph

EP 6.3: Vortrag

Samstag, 5. März 2005, 15:00–15:15, TU BH349

Cosmic Ray Modulation in an Asymmetrical Heliosphere — •Ulrich Langner1, Thorsten Borrmann1, Horst Fichtner1, and Marius Potgieter21Institut für Theoretische Physik IV: Weltraum- und Astrophysik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum — 2North West University, Campus Potchefstroom, South Africa

With the approach of the solar wind termination shock by the Voyager spacecraft the need for a more realistic self-consistent heliospheric cosmic ray modulation model has become more urgent. In this light our previous two-dimensional solar wind termination shock model which was used to simultaneously demonstrate the heliospheric modulation for various galactic and anomalous species was extended to include an arbitrarily shaped heliospheric outer modulation boundary. In this work the model is used with an asymmetrically bounded heliosphere. Energetic particles are described kinetically using the Parker transport equation. The model includes the solar wind termination shock, drifts, adiabatic energy changes, diffusion, convection, and a heliosheath. This model was used to describe differences between the modulation solutions of a symmetrical and an asymmetrical heliosphere. The solutions are shown for solar minimum and moderate maximum conditions for both heliospheric magnetic field polarity cycles. These simulations can be of use for future missions to the outer heliosphere and beyond.

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