Dresden 2006 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Halbleiterphysik

HL 32: Photovoltaic

Mittwoch, 29. März 2006, 14:30–19:15, BEY 118

14:30 HL 32.1 InP-based tandem solar cell with low band gaps — •U. Seidel, H.-J. Schimper, U. Bloeck, K. Schwarzburg, F. Willig, and T. Hannappel
14:45 HL 32.2 Ga incorporation into CuInS2 solar cell absorbers fast sulfurization processes — •Roland Mainz and Reiner Klenk
15:00 HL 32.3 Electronic Metastabilities in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells — •Michael Reuter, Julian Mattheis, and Uwe Rau
15:15 HL 32.4 Influence of grain boundaries on electric transport in chalcopyrites — •Mark Wimmer, Susanne Siebentritt, Thorsten Rissom, Tobias Eisenbarth, and Martha Lux-Steiner
15:30 HL 32.5 Carrier recombination dynamics in 1 eV band gap (GaIn)(NAs)/GaAs solar cell material as a function of epitaxial growth conditions and post-growth annealing processes — •Swantje Horst, Kristian Hantke, Sangam Chatterjee, Kerstin Volz, Wolfgang Stolz, and Wolfgang Rühle
15:45 HL 32.6 Influence of grain boundaries on electrical and structural properties of chalcopyrites — •Tobias Eisenbarth, Susanne Siebentritt, Sascha Sadewasser, Jürgen Albert, Ferdinand Streicher, and Martha Lux-Steiner
16:00 HL 32.7 Efficiency limitations in dye-sensitized solar cells with ionic liquids — •F. Einsele, M. Hlusiak, U. Rau, R. Sastrawan, R. Kern, and A. Hinsch
16:15 HL 32.8 1. Doping induced structural changes in CuInS2 thin films and the effects on the optical and electrical properties — •Tobias Enzenhofer, Thomas Unold, and Hans-Werner Schock
16:30 HL 32.9 Manufacturing Photonic Crystals for Photovoltaic Applications — •Andreas Bielawny, Paul Miclea, Andreas von Rhein, Andreas Redler, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, and Ralf Wehrspohn
  16:45 15 min. break
17:00 HL 32.10 Shunt Imaging and Characterization in Industrial Silicon Solar Cells using Polymer-dispersed Crystal Foils — •Stelio Correia and Jan Lossen
17:15 HL 32.11 Monitoring the sulfurization of (Ga,S)-Cu-In photovoltaic precursor layers by energy dispersive X-ray diffraction — •Alfons Weber, Immo Koetschau, and Hans-Werner Schock
17:30 HL 32.12 Shunt Imaging and Characterization in Industrial Silicon Solar Cells using Polymer-dispersed Crystal Foils — •Stelio Correia and Jan Lossen
17:45 HL 32.13 Electronic structure of gold- and iron-decorated dislocations in silicon — •Oliver Voß, Vitaly Kveder, and Michael Seibt
18:00 HL 32.14 Symmetry of defects in chalcopyrites - a polarized photoluminescence study — •Sven Augustin, Susanne Siebentritt, and Martha Lux-Steiner
18:15 HL 32.15 Interface properties of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 absorbers with various bufferlayers in thin film solar cells — •F. Erfurth, L. Weinhardt, T.P. Niesen, S. Visbeck, C. Heske, and E. Umbach
18:30 HL 32.16 Electrochemical grown ZnO/EosinY hybrid films on oriented substrates — •Thomas Loewenstein, Christian Neumann, Thorsten Kraemer, Bruno K. Meyer, Tsukasa Yoshida, and Derck Schlettwein
18:45 HL 32.17 Analysis of Charge Carrier Dynamics in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 from Sub-Micron Resolved Luminesence and Photocurrent Studies — •Levent Gütay and Gottfried H. Bauer
19:00 HL 32.18 Investigation of the correlation between charge carrier lifetime of multicrystalline silicon raw wafer and solar cell efficiency — •Kevin Lauer, Stefan Dauwe, and Jan Lossen
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