Berlin 2008

25.-29. Februar 2008

Wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP:   Biological Physics Division
CPP:   Chemical and Polymer Physics Division
DD:   Physics Education Division
DF:   Dielectric Solids Division
DS:   Thin Films Division
DY:   Dynamics and Statistical Physics Division
GP:   History of Physics Division
HL:   Semiconductor Physics Division
MA:   Magnetism Division
MM:   Metal and Material Physics Division
O:   Surface Science Division
ST:   Radiation and Medical Physics Division
TT:   Low Temperature Physics Division
VA:   Vacuum Science and Technology Division
AIW:   Working Group on Industry and Business
AKA:   Working Group on Physics and Disarmament
AKC:   Working Group on Equal Opportunities
AKI:   Working Group on Information
AKSOE:   Working Group on Physics of socio-economic Systems
jDPG:   Working Group Young DPG
SYDI:   Symposium AKF Dissertation Prize 2008
SYDN:   Symposium Game theory in dynamical systems
SYEC:   Symposium Exact-exchange and hybrid functionals meet quasiparticle energy calculations
SYGP:   Symposium zum 150. Geburtstag von Max Planck
SYMP:   Symposium Computational Soft matter physics
SYMS:   Symposium Modern developments in multiphysics materials simulations
SYNF:   Symposium Ferroic materials and novel functionalities
SYPT:   Symposium Quantum Phase Transitions
SYSA:   Symposium Tayloring Organic Interfaces: Molecular Structures and Applications
SYSM:   Symposium Single Molecules
LT:   Teachers' days
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