Bonn 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HK: Fachverband Physik der Hadronen und Kerne

HK 25: Hadronenstruktur und -spektroskopie V

HK 25.4: Vortrag

Dienstag, 16. März 2010, 17:15–17:30, HG III

Pion production in diproton reactions at ANKE — •Sergey Dymov — Physikalisches Institut II, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 91058 Erlangen, Germany — Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia

The study of processes with the production of proton pairs with small excitation energy (diprotons) provides a new approach to hadron interactions at intermediate energies.

The NNNNπ process is one of the principial tools used in the investigation of NN dynamics in this energy range. Because of the large momentum transfers involved, it is sensitive to the short-range part of the NN-interaction. The forward differential cross section for pp→ (pp)sπ0 obtained in the energy range 0.5–2.4 GeV at ANKE can be compared to the one of the ppdπ+ process; the relative strength of spin-singlet to spin-triplet production is extracted.

There are only two spin amplitudes involved pN→ {pp}sπ with the diproton in the 1S0 state. The measurement of dσ/dΩ, Ay and one spin correlation coefficient is sufficient to extract these amplitudes. A combined study of the pp→ {pp}sπ0 and pn→ {pp}sπ processes can be used to isolate the strength parameter d of the four-nucleon-pion contact interaction in χPT. Preliminary results on the near threshold measurements of dσ/dΩ and Ay in these processes at ANKE will be presented.

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