Hannover 2010 – scientific program

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updated version as of February 18th 2010


Synopsis: tagueb.pdf (87.2 KB)
Plenary Talks: pv.pdf (186.3 KB)
A:   Atomic Physics Division
DD:   Physics Education Division
K:   Short Time-scale Physics Division
MO:   Molecular Physics Division
MS:   Mass Spectrometry Division
P:   Plasma Physics Division
Q:   Quantum Optics and Photonics Division
UP:   Environmental Physics Division
SYDC:   Symposium Decoherence in the light of modern experiments
SYDI:   Symposium Diffractive Imaging
SYDP:   Dissertation Prize Symposium
SYFC:   Symposium Variations of Fundamental Constants: Theory and Experiment
SYLA:   Symposium 50 Years of Lasers
SYLL:   Symposium Lasersysteme und Laseranwendungen: Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Trends
SYMP:   Symposium Plasma in Biology and Medicine
SYMS:   Symposium New methods of mass spectroscopy and their application in the environmental science
SYPS:   Symposium Precision spectroscopy of highly ionized matter
SYPT:   Symposium Plasmatechnik für die Optikherstellung
SYQS:   Symposium Quantum Control Spectroscopy
SYSA:   Symposium Single Atoms
Autors' Index: linkauthors.pdf (1723.2 KB); without links: authors.pdf (185.5 KB)
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