Dresden 2011 – scientific programme

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Prepare a selection

On this pages you can prepare your individual conference programme. You can browse the full conference programme by parts or by days to select sessions. The selection is available for printing (by means of a PDF file created by the server individually) in several levels of detail:

  1. not selected
  2. session header only (name, time, room)
  3. title and presenting author
  4. title and authors' block
  5. title, authors' block and abstract

These levels are available for each session separately. Furthermore the level of detail can be adjusted for each contribution individually.

Export selection

You can choose between different export formats:

  1. PDF file using regular format (two columns) for print
  2. PDF file using notes format (one column + notes column) for print
  3. PDF file in pocketbook format format for ebook readers
  4. ICS file for use in calendar applications (contributions only)

In just a few seconds you can download your conference programme in the selected format.

Save and restore selection

Your current selection is stored on the server by means of a browser session. Those session data become invalid after 3 hours of inactivity (similar to an automatic logout). There are two options to keep your selecton for a longer period:

  1. You can save your selection as a file on your computer.
  2. You can save your selection by a user name and password on the server. You can choose your user name and password freely and they don't need to be particularly complicated. But you should choose them that way, that they will not be used accidentally by others too. It is possible to save different selections using the same user name and different passwords. Your selection as saved by user name and password will be available on the server for 3 months.

Both options allow to restore your selection at some later point in time (and on a different browser etc.).


A full text search is available. The search uses substring matching and is case insensitive. Only latin characters ignoring any accents or other modifiers are taken into account. When searching for multiple words each word is required to be contained in the contribution. The matching contributions can be added to the selection in the search result pages directly.

Random technical notes

A http cookie is used to identify your selection and to switch between languages and layouts. The cookie is configured to be removed completely when the browser is closed.

The system heavily uses JavaScript and AJAX-methods to implement collapsible tree views (just click the plus signs). However, the system is designed to work flawlessly on browsers without (or with deactivated) JavaScript.

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