Dresden 2011 – scientific program

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Note: Program updates are published on the Notice-Board and in the individual program. This static PDF version of Jan 26th 2011 contains the same data like the printed version1 and is also identical to the static PDF version distributed on the USB stick.


Intersectional Program
Jointly organized by SAMOP and SKM
Plenary Talks: pv.pdf (228.4 KB)
SYAP:   Intersectional Symposium Attosecond Physics: Atoms, Molecules and Condensed Matter
SYCE:   Intersectional Symposium Foundations and Perspectives of Climate Engineering
SYCH:   Intersectional Symposium Cultural Heritage in the Light of Physical Methods
SYHQ:   Intersectional Symposium Hybrid Quantum Systems - Interfacing Atoms, Solids and Light
SYMB:   Intersectional Symposium Many-Body Physics of Model Systems and Real Materials
SYMN:   Intersectional Symposium Transport and Spectroscopy in Molecular Nanostructures
SYOM:   Intersectional Symposium Artificial Optical Materials
SYQE:   Intersectional Symposium Cavity meets Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics
SYRP:   Intersectional Symposium The Concept of Reality in Physics
TUT:   Tutorials
ISS:   Intersectional Sessions
Other Divisions and Working Groups
than those joined in the sections SAMOP and SKM
GP:   History of Physics Division
MI:   Microprobes Division
ST:   Radiation and Medical Physics Division
UP:   Environmental Physics Division
AIW:   Working Group on Industry and Business
AKC:   Working Group on Equal Opportunities
AKE:   Working Group on Energy
AGA:   Working Group on Physics and Disarmament
AGI:   Working Group on Information
AGjDPG:   Working Group "Young DPG"
AGPhil:   Working Group on Philosophy of Physics
Atomic, Molecular, Plasma Physics and Quantum Optics Section (SAMOP)
A:   Atomic Physics Division
MO:   Molecular Physics Division
MS:   Mass Spectrometry Division
Q:   Quantum Optics and Photonics Division
SAMOP-DP:   SAMOP Dissertation Prize 2011
Condensed Matter Section (SKM)
BP:   Biological Physics Division
CPP:   Chemical and Polymer Physics Division
DF:   Dielectric Solids Division
DS:   Thin Films Division
DY:   Dynamics and Statistical Physics Division
HL:   Semiconductor Physics Division
KR:   Crystallography Division
MA:   Magnetism Division
MM:   Metal and Material Physics Division
O:   Surface Science Division
SOE:   Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division
TT:   Low Temperature Physics Division
VA:   Vacuum Science and Technology Division
SKM-DP:   SKM Dissertation Prize 2011
SKM-SYBE:   SKM-Symposium Statistical Physics and Biological Evolution
SKM-SYDT:   SKM-Symposium Diffusionless Transformations in Magnetic and Ferroelectric Bulk and Thin Films
SKM-SYMF:   SKM-Symposium Heterogenous Nucleation and Microstructure Formation: Steps towards a System- and Scale-bridging Understanding
SKM-SYNP:   SKM-Symposium Semiconductor Nanophotonics: Quantum Optics and Devices
SKM-SYOP:   SKM-Symposium Elementary Processes in Organic Photovoltaics
SKM-SYST:   SKM-Symposium Spincaloric Transport
SKM-SYTI:   SKM-Symposium Topological Insulators
Autors' Index: linkauthors.pdf (6640.8 KB); without links: authors.pdf (584.5 KB)

1 The printed version already contains the changed time of the EinsteinSlam.

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