Berlin 2012 – scientific program

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Note: Program updates are published on the Notice-Board and in the individual program. This static PDF version of Jan 27th 2012 contains the same data like the printed version.


Plenary Talks: pv.pdf (238.0 KB)
TUT:   Tutorials
BP:   Biological Physics Division
CPP:   Chemical and Polymer Physics Division
DF:   Dielectric Solids Division
DS:   Thin Films Division
DY:   Dynamics and Statistical Physics Division
HL:   Semiconductor Physics Division
KR:   Crystallography Division
MA:   Magnetism Division
MI:   Microprobes Division
MM:   Metal and Material Physics Division
O:   Surface Science Division
SOE:   Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division
ST:   Radiation and Medical Physics Division
TT:   Low Temperature Physics Division
UP:   Environmental Physics Division
VA:   Vacuum Science and Technology Division
AIW:   Working Group on Industry and Business
AKC:   Working Group on Equal Opportunities
AKE:   Working Group on Energy
AGA:   Working Group on Physics and Disarmament
AGI:   Working Group on Information
AGjDPG:   Working Group "Young DPG"
AGPhil:   Working Group on Philosophy of Physics
SYCF:   Symposium Fukushima und die Konsequenzen
SYND:   Symposium Control of Network Dynamics
SYNM:   Symposium Frontiers of Nanomechanics
SYOL:   Symposium Origin of Life
SYRS:   Symposium Resistive Switching
SYSD:   Symposium SKM Dissertationspreis
SYTI:   Symposium Topological Insulators: Influence of Superconductivity, Magnetism and Extrinsic Spin-Orbit Interaction
SYTM:   Symposium Tailoring magnetism in L1₀-ordered nanostructures: Perspectives for magnetic recording beyond 1 Terabit/in²
SYXD:   Symposium 100 years of X-ray diffraction: from the Laue-experiment to new frontiers
Autors' Index: linkauthors.pdf (5714.7 KB); without links: authors.pdf (501.9 KB)
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