Stuttgart 2012 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 22: Poster: Interaction with strong or short laser pulses

Dienstag, 13. März 2012, 16:30–19:00, Poster.V

16:30 A 22.1 A Penning trap experiment for advanced studies with ions in extreme laser fields — •Manuel Vogel, Wolfgang Quint, Gerhard Paulus, and Thomas Stöhlker
16:30 A 22.2 Strong field ionization to multiple electronic states in waterJoe P. Farrell, •Simon Petretti, Johann Förster, Brian K. McFarland, Limor S. Spector, Yulian V. Vanne, Piero Decleva, Philip H. Bucksbaum, Alejandro Saenz, and Markus Gühr
16:30 A 22.3 Electron spin dynamics in a laser field — •Oleg Skoromnik, Iliya Feranchuk, Christoph Keitel, and Karen Hatsagortsyan
16:30 A 22.4 Creation and Observation of Electronic Wave-Packet Motion in Atoms by Strong Field Ionization — •Lutz Fechner, Nicolas Camus, Thomas Pfeifer, Joachim Ullrich, and Robert Moshammer
16:30 A 22.5 Electron emission from H2+ in circularly polarized strong fields including nuclear motion or full electronic coordinate space — •Myroslav Zapukhlyak, Jost Henkel, and Manfred Lein
16:30 A 22.6 Electron-energy bunching in laser-driven soft recollisions — •Alexander Kästner, Ulf Saalmann, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:30 A 22.7 The Physical Potential for the Tunneling Problem and Its Implementation — •Enderalp Yakaboylu, Michael Klaiber, Heiko Bauke, Karen Z. Hatsagortsyan, and Christoph H. Keitel
16:30 A 22.8 Modeling atoms in laser fields using time-dependent density functional theory: Applicability of the frozen-core approximation — •Julius Rapp, Varun Kapoor, and Dieter Bauer
16:30 A 22.9 Energy Quantization in double-ionization of Helium — •Kevin Henrichs, Markus Schöffler, Till Jahnke, Hendrik Sann, Maksim Kunitzki, Martin Pitzer, Christoph Goihl, and Reinhard Dörner
16:30 A 22.10 TDDFT on a Curvilinear Grid — •Volker Mosert and Dieter Bauer
16:30 A 22.11 Structure of XUV frequency combs generated by trains of few-cycle pulses — •Maria Tudorovskaya and Manfred Lein
16:30 A 22.12 XUV pulse induced fluorescence of a nano plasma from argon clusters — •Lena Nösel, Maria Müller, Marcus Adolph, Daniela Rupp, Tais Gorkhover, Maria Krikunova, Tim Oelze, Lasse Schrödter, Andreas Prystawik, Andreas Kickermann, Tim Laarmann, and Thomas Möller
16:30 A 22.13 Probing Fano resonances with ultrashort pulses — •Jing Zhao and Manfred Lein
16:30 A 22.14 Doppelionisation von Helium mit ultrakurzen zirkular polarisierten Laserpulsen — •Markus Schöffler, Xinhua Xie, Stefan Roither, Danil Kartashov, Andrius Baltuska, and Markus Kitzler
16:30 A 22.15 Quantum orbit analysis of molecular strong-field photoelectron spectra — •Norbert Weinkauf, Tian-Min Yan, and Dieter Bauer
16:30 A 22.16 Interference Effects in Electron-Positron Pair Creation by the Interaction of a Bichromatic Laser Field and a Nucleus — •Sven Augustin and Carsten Müller
16:30 A 22.17 Coulomb interaction in multiphoton ionization of iodine-containing molecules — •Nils Gerken, Stephan Klumpp, Martina Dell’Angela, Florian Sorgenfrei, Florian Hieke, Wilfried Wirth, and Michael Martins
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