Stuttgart 2012 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 26: Poster: Atomic systems in external fields

Mittwoch, 14. März 2012, 16:30–19:00, Poster.V

16:30 A 26.1 Dynamics of laser-cooled Ca+ ions in a Penning trap with a rotating wall — •Manuel Vogel, Shailen Bharadia, Richard Thompson, and Danny Segal
16:30 A 26.2 Parity Violation in Hydrogen — •Martin-Isbjörn Trappe, Thomas Gasenzer, and Otto Nachtmann
16:30 A 26.3 Dominant interaction Hamiltonians — •Carlos Zagoya, Martin Gerlach, Jan-Michael Rost, and Frank Grossmann
16:30 A 26.4 Fingerprints of exceptional points in the survival probability of resonances in atomic spectra — •Holger Cartarius, Günter Wunner, Jörg Main, and Nimrod Moiseyev
16:30 A 26.5 Treatment of spatially inhomogeneous, finite systems with the Generalized Kadanoff–Baym Ansatz — •Sebastian Hermanns, Karsten Balzer, and Michael Bonitz
16:30 A 26.6 Double excitations from the solution of the Kadanoff--Baym equations — •Karsten Balzer and Michael Bonitz
16:30 A 26.7 Two-photon transitions of high-Z few electron ions in strong laser fields — •Thorsten Jahrsetz and Andrey Surzhykov
16:30 A 26.8 Numerical simulations of the pump-probe ionization of Lithium — •David Hochstuhl and Michael Bonitz
16:30 A 26.9 Quantum Breathing Mode of Interacting Particles in a Harmonic Trap — •Jan Willem Abraham, David Hochstuhl, Karsten Balzer, and Michael Bonitz
16:30 A 26.10 Phase-controlled electron acceleration from metal clusters in few-cycle laser pulses — •Lennart Seiffert, Jörg Köhn, and Thomas Fennel
16:30 A 26.11 Temporal dynamics of Coulomb correlations in atomic strong-field processes — •Maximilian Hollstein, Benjamin Baxevanis, and Daniela Pfannkuche
16:30 A 26.12 Analysis of Freeman resonances in strong field ionization — •Thomas Keil and Dieter Bauer
16:30 A 26.13 Breathing modes in harmonically confined quantum systems — •David Hochstuhl, Jan-Willem Abraham, Chris McDonald, Thomas Brabec, and Michael Bonitz
16:30 A 26.14 Monte-Carlo Simulation of Atomic and Molecular Fragmentation Processes in Reaction Microscopes. — •Philipp Cörlin, Arne Senftleben, Alexander Sperl, Michael Schönwald, Andreas Fischer, Robert Moshammer, and Joachim Ullrich
16:30 A 26.15 New Compact Magnetically Shielded 3He MEOP Polarizing Facility — •Christian Mrozik, Werner Heil, Sergei Karpuk, and Ernst Otten
16:30 A 26.16 Nonequilibrium Green's functions approach to the pair distribution function of quantum many-body systems — •Kay Kobusch, Karsten Balzer, Lasse Rosenthal, Alexei Filinov, and Michael Bonitz
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