Stuttgart 2012 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 41: Poster: Ultra-cold plasmas and Rydberg systems

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012, 16:30–19:00, Poster.V

16:30 A 41.1 A Ramsey interferometer to study Förster induced Rydberg interactions — •Jonathan Balewski, Johannes Nipper, Alexander Krupp, Robert Löw, and Tilman Pfau
16:30 A 41.2 A new setup for experiments with ultracold Rydberg atoms — •Johannes Deiglmayr, Heiner Sassmannshausen, and Frederic Merkt
16:30 A 41.3 Second-generation apparatus for Ryberg-atoms in an ultracold gas — •Huan Nguyen, Michael Schlagmüller, Stephan Jennewein, Christoph Tresp, Robert Löw, Sebastian Hofferberth, and Tilman Pfau
16:30 A 41.4 Phase diagram of Rydberg atoms with repulsive van der Waals interaction — •Yaroslav Lutsyshyn and Dieter Bauer
16:30 A 41.5 An electron microscope for the detection and manipulation of Rydberg atoms — •Thomas Niederprüm, Tobias Massimo Weber, Torsten Manthey, Philipp Langer, Vera Guarrera, Giovanni Barontini, and Herwig Ott
16:30 A 41.6 Measurement of ion relaxation in strongly coupled plasmas — •Georg Bannasch, Thomas Pohl, Jose Castro, Patrick McQuillen, and Thomas C. Killian
16:30 A 41.7 Strong plasma correlations via Rydberg dipole blockade — •Georg Bannasch and Thomas Pohl
16:30 A 41.8 Investigation of Rydberg atom interactions by observing electromagnetically induced transparency spectra — •Markus Mack, Florian Karlewski, Helge Hattermann, Peter Federsel, Simone Höckh, Florian Jessen, Daniel Cano, and József Fortágh
16:30 A 41.9 Effects of correlated disorder on optical properties of molecular aggregates — •Sebastian Möbius, Sebastiaan M. Vlaming, Victor A. Malyshev, Jasper Knoester, and Alexander Eisfeld
16:30 A 41.10 Interplay of conical intersections and entanglement transport in two-dimensional flexible Rydberg aggregates — •Karsten Leonhardt, Sebastian Wüster, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:30 A 41.11 Molecular-interaction effects on the dipole blockade in cold Rydberg ensembles — •Weibin Li, Thomas Pohl, and Jan-Michael Rost
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