Berlin 2014 – scientific program

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Note: Program updates are published on the Notice-Board and in the individual program. This static PDF version of Jan 23rd 2014 contains the same data like the printed version.


Plenary Talks: pv.pdf (160.5 KB)
SYAD:   Symposium SAMOP Dissertation-Prize 2014
SYAW:   Awards Symposium
SYCS:   Symposium Electron dynamics in chiral systems
SYET:   Symposium Exciton transfer in ordered atomic and molecular structures
SYKW:   Symposium Klimawandel: Gibt es eine Erwärmungspause?
SYOT:   Symposium Plasma und Optische Technologien
SYPA:   Symposium Plasma-Astrophysik
SYPE:   Symposium Physics for the Energy Turn
SYPP:   Symposium Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Pulsed Power Technik
SYPS:   Promovierendensymposium
SYQC:   Symposium The quantum-classical divide
SYQE:   Symposium Quantum Correlations Beyond Entanglement
SYQR:   Symposium Quantum Repeater
SYQS:   Symposium Characterization and control of complex quantum systems
SYRE:   Symposium Rare Events: optimal solutions and challenges - from charge transfer reactions to supervolcanoes
SYSE:   Symposium Fathoming Stellar Evolution with Laboratory Precision
A:   Atomic Physics Division
EP:   Extraterrestial Physics Division
GR:   Gravitation and Relativity Division
K:   Short Time-scale Physics Division
MO:   Molecular Physics Division
MP:   Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Division
MS:   Mass Spectrometry Division
P:   Plasma Physics Division
Q:   Quantum Optics and Photonics Division
UP:   Environmental Physics Division
AKC:   Working Group on Equal Opportunities
AKE:   Working Group on Energy
AGA:   Working Group on Physics and Disarmament
AGI:   Working Group on Information
AGjDPG:   Working Group "Young DPG"
AGPhil:   Working Group on Philosophy of Physics
Autors' Index: linkauthors.pdf (2022.1 KB); without links: authors.pdf (202.8 KB)
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