Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 105: Poster: Topological insulators (with MA/O)

HL 105.5: Poster

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014, 17:00–20:00, P1

Strained HgTe shell on CdTe nanowires grown by Au catalyst MBE — •Maximilian Kessel, Rebekka Pfeuffer, Claus Schumacher, Hartmut Buhmann, and Laurens W. Molenkamp — Experimental Physics 3, University of Würzburg, Germany

The topological insulator properties of 2D and strained 3D HgTe layers have attracted strong attention over the past years. One interesting question that rose was how the TI state evolves in quasi-one dimensional geometry. Here, we present the first realization of a strained HgTe shell on CdTe nanowires.

Doped GaAs wafers are used as substrates for the nanowire growth in a multi-chamber ultra-high vacuum system. The CdTe growth is seeded by liquid Au/Ga eutectic droplets. For straight, uniform and smooth shaped CdTe wires, a special growth start is performed and the substrate temperature is hold within narrow limits. The wires have a diameter of 30 to 100 nm and grow along the [111]B direction up to a length of 3 µm. The ensemble of CdTe wires is used as substrate for HgTe molecular beam epitaxy. Shell and core of the nanowires are characterized by electron and X-ray diffraction. The radial heterostructures show strained crystalline structure. Transport characterization measurements on separated radial HgTe/CdTe heterostructures are done at low temperature.

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