Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 108: Poster: Ultra-fast phenomena / Optical properties / Semiconductor laser / Devices and device concepts

HL 108.7: Poster

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014, 17:00–20:00, P1

Optical characterization of CuI films — •Katharina Rudisch, Friedrich-Leonhard Schein, Gabriele Benndorf, Michael Lorenz, and Marius Grundmann — Universität Leipzig, Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften, Institut für Experimentelle Physik II, Linnéstraße 5, 04103 Leipzig

CuI is a transparent semiconductor with a wide band gap of 3.1eV. It features intrinsic p-conductivity and a large exciton binding energy that make it attractive for future semiconductor applications [1].

We have produced CuI thin films by exposing sputtered copper thin films on glass substrates to iodine vapour until CuI was formed. From X-ray diffraction measurements of the CuI film a cubic zincblende crystal structure could be confirmed. For a characterization of optical properties of CuI, photoluminescence and transmission measurements were performed from 2K to room temperature. Low temperature emission spectra exhibit transitons of free and bound excitons and donor acceptor pair recombinations with phonon coupled transitions. In transmission spectra a splitting of the light and heavy hole excitonic transitions is observed at low temperatures and discussed in terms of crystal structure.

[1] M. Grundmann, F.-L. Schein, M. Lorenz, T. Böntgen, J. Lenzner und H. von Wenckstern, phys. stat. sol. (a) 210(9), 1671-1703 (2013)

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