Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 81: Poster: Energy materials incl. photovoltaics

HL 81.10: Poster

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014, 17:00–20:00, P1

Opto-electronic properties of physical vapor deposited Bi2S3 on the mm- and µm-scale — •Hendrik Sträter1, Sebastian ten Haaf2, Rudolf Brüggemann1, Gerhard Jakob2, Niklas Nilius1, and Gottfried Bauer11Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Institut für Physik, D-26111 Oldenburg — 2Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Institut für Physik, D-55099 Mainz

Bismuth sulfide (Bi2S3) is a non-toxic n-type semiconductor with a band gap of Eg = 1.3 eV and thus a potential candidate for thin film solar cells. We present a temperature dependent photoluminescence (PL) study on the mm-scale and a laterally resolved PL study on the µm-scale and determine in both cases the opto-electronic properties of a physical vapor deposited Bi2S3 film. We find a splitting of quasi-Fermilevels (QFL) of µ = 650 meV and an optical band gap of Eopt = 1.3 eV at room temperature. Although only stoichometric Bi2S3 can be found in the film, laterally resolved maps of the PL yield, QFL-splitting and optical band gap show modulations in the local properties most likely due to different crystal orientations of the Bi2S3 grains.

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