Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 20: Nanostructures at Surfaces II

Montag, 31. März 2014, 16:00–19:15, WIL B321

16:00 O 20.1 3d nanoparticle deposition on a W(110) surface — •Hendrik Bettermann, Matthias Werner, and Mathias Getzlaff
16:15 O 20.2 FeRh on Cu(100): Cluster substrate interaction in terms of band structure — •Ivan Baev, Torben Beeck, Kari Jänkälä, Michael Martins, and Wilfried Wurth
16:30 O 20.3 Fabrication of nanoscaled Fe deposits by focused electron beam processes as catalyst for C-nanostructures growth — •Esther Carrasco, Fan Tu, Martin Drost, Florian Vollnhals, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Hubertus Marbach
16:45 O 20.4 STXM and NEXAFS study of the autocatalytic growth of EBID precursors — •Florian Vollnhals, Fan Tu, Martin Drost, Esther Carrasco, Andreas Späth, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Hubertus Marbach
17:00 O 20.5 Electron Quantization Effects in Pristine and Isophorone-Modified Gold Nano-Islands on MgO Thin Films — •Christian Stiehler, Wolf-Dieter Schneider, Niklas Nilius, and Hans-Joachim Freund
17:15 O 20.6 From insulator to conductor: infrared reflectivity of inverted fishnet designs — •Stefano De Zuani, Marcus Rommel, Helga Kumric, Audrey Berrier, Jürgen Weis, Bruno Gompf, and Martin Dressel
17:30 O 20.7 Field effect and charging in layered 2D materials — •Thomas Brumme, Matteo Calandra, and Francesco Mauri
17:45 O 20.8 STM-induced Doping on Si(553)-Au — •Ingo Barke, Stefan Polei, Paul C. Snijders, Steven C. Erwin, Franz J. Himpsel, and Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer
18:00 O 20.9 Do you believe in thermodynamics? Towards a predictive modeling of adsorbed clusters. — •Chiara Panosetti, Dennis Palagin, and Karsten Reuter
18:15 O 20.10 Cluster Nucleation and Growth from a Highly Supersaturated 2D Phase: Ag/Fe3O4(001) — •Roland Bliem, Lukas Perneczky, Zbynek Novotny, David Fobes, Zhiqiang Mao, Michael Schmid, Ulrike Diebold, and Gareth Parkinson
18:30 O 20.11 Unraveling structural and catalytic properties of Au-Pt nanoalloys — •Linn Leppert, Rodrigo Q. Albuquerque, Adam S. Foster, and Stephan Kümmel
18:45 O 20.12 Nanooxidation - Oxidation kinetics of small Rh nanoparticles — •Patrick Müller, Heshmat Noei, Thomas F. Keller, Björn Arndt, Peter Wochner, Roberto Felici, and Andreas Stierle
19:00 O 20.13 Structural Changes of Cobalt Nanoparticles during Chemical Reactions: A RHEED Study — •Stephan Bartling, Ingo Barke, Hannes Hartmann, Steve Jäger, and Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer
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