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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 46: P11: Wetting, Micro and Nano Fluidics

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015, 10:00–13:00, Poster A

10:00 CPP 46.1 Enhanced microfluid mixing due to the near-surface transport of superparamagnetic bead rows — •Dennis Holzinger and Arno Ehresmann
10:00 CPP 46.2 Quantifying dynamic wetting of surfactant solutionsFranziska Henrich, Dorota Truszkowska, Hans-Jürgen Butt, and •Günter K. Auernhammer
10:00 CPP 46.3 Relaxation of Surface Perturbations in Thin Liquid Films as a Probe of Liquid/Substrate Interactions — •Marco Rivetti, Christine Linne, Paul Fowler, Joshua D. McGraw, Thomas Salez, Michael Benzaquen, Elie Raphaël, Kari Dalnoki-Veress, and Oliver Bäumchen
10:00 CPP 46.4 Liquid-liquid dewetting — •Stefan Bommer, Nikolas Becker, Ralf Seemann, Sebastian Jachalski, Dirk Peschka und Barbara Wagner
10:00 CPP 46.5 Super Liquid-Repellency: Mechanical Robustness vs. Repellency — •Maxime Paven, Frank Schellenberger, Michael Kappl, Doris Vollmer, and Hans-Jürgen Butt
10:00 CPP 46.6 Quantification of spontaneous imbibition processes in nano-porous systems — •Christian Thome and Heiko Rieger
10:00 CPP 46.7 What controls the wettability of bidisperse bead pack? — •Robabeh Moosavi, Julie Murison, Thomas Hiller, Martin Brinkmann, and Matthias Schröter
10:00 CPP 46.8 Continuum approach to the statics and dynamics of two-phase systems — •Nikita Tretyakov, Jasna Zelko, Kostas Ch. Daoulas, and Burkhard Dünweg
10:00 CPP 46.9 Modelling surface binding and dissociation of biomolecules — •Daniel Kappe, Andreas Hütten, and Christian Schröder
10:00 CPP 46.10 Cell wall sculpting and microflows in plants and insects. — •Desislava Todorova and Eleni Katifori
10:00 CPP 46.11 Spontaneous Formation of Nanopatterns in Velocity-Dependent Dip-Coated Organic Films: From Dragonflies to StripesTomas P. Corrales, Mengjun Bai, Valeria del Campo, Maria Retamal, Moshe Deutsch, Haskell Taub, Klaus Knorr, Ulrich G. Volkmann, and •Patrick Huber
10:00 CPP 46.12 Generation of ultra-stable flows for microfluidic devices — •Annemarie Lüdecke and Stefan Diez
10:00 CPP 46.13 Switchable imbibition in nanoporous gold — •Yahui Xue, Juergen Markmann, Huiling Duan, Joerg Weissmueller, and Patrick Huber
10:00 CPP 46.14 Thermocapillary Convection in Microfluidic Devices — •Lorenz Butzhammer and Werner Köhler
10:00 CPP 46.15 Equilibration of liquid morphologies in granulates with various wettability — •Marc Schaber, Mario Scheel, Martin Brinkmann, and Ralf Seemann
10:00 CPP 46.16 Droplet morphologies upon volume change on structured substrates — •Carsten Herrmann, Ciro Semprebon, Martin Brinkmann, and Ralf Seemann
10:00 CPP 46.17 Application of rapid prototyping techniques to create microfluidic devices — •Fabian Schmid-Michels and Andreas Hütten
10:00 CPP 46.18 Force response of actively deformed polymer microdroplets: dependence on the solid/liquid boundary condition — •Jonas Heppe, Joshua D. McGraw, Roland Bennewitz, and Karin Jacobs
10:00 CPP 46.19 Pickering-emulsion for catalytic reactions — •Dmitrij Stehl, Adrian Carl, Kornelia Gawlitza, Regine von Klitzing, Tina Skale, Anja Drews, Lena Hohl und Matthias Kraume
10:00 CPP 46.20 Inertial migration of elastic capsules in Poiseuille flow — •Kevin Irmer, Christopher Prohm, and Holger Stark
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