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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 55: Flow-Induced Structures in Complex Fluids (with DRG, Deutsche Rheologische Gesellschaft, and DY)

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015, 15:00–18:30, C 264

15:00 CPP 55.1 Hauptvortrag: A new perspective of materials processing — •Kyung Hyun Ahn
15:30 CPP 55.2 Slow dynamics in sheared DGEBA/SiO2 suspensions — •Rick Dannert, Roland Sanctuary, and Jörg Baller
15:45 CPP 55.3 Microstructure and nonlinear signatures of yielding in a heterogeneous colloidal gel under large amplitude oscillatory shearJuntae Kim, •Dimitri Merger, Manfred Wilhelm, and Matthew E. Helgeson
16:00 CPP 55.4 Rheological behavior of a highly concentrated colloidal dispersion on different length scales — •Clara Weis and Norbert Willenbacher
16:15 CPP 55.5 Microstructural studies of colloidal glasses using forced probe particles — •Markus Gruber, Gustavo Abade, Antonio Puertas, and Matthias Fuchs
16:30 CPP 55.6 Rheological properties of temporarily cross-linked microcapsules — •Sarah Demand and Heinz Rehage
16:45 CPP 55.7 Clusters formation in microcirculationOthmane Aouane, Marine Thiebaud, Chaouqi Misbah, and •Christian Wagner
  17:00 15 min. break.
17:15 CPP 55.8 Red blood cells in intimate contact — •Achim Guckenberger and Stephan Gekle
17:30 CPP 55.9 Flow of complex fluids into porous media — •Viviane Lutz Bueno, Marianne Liebi, and Peter Fischer
17:45 CPP 55.10 A thermodynamic study of shear banding in polymeric solutions — •Natalie Germann
18:00 CPP 55.11 Evidence for simultaneous appearance of gradient and vorticity shear bands using time-resolved Rheo-SANS and laser light transmittance measurements — •Annekathrin Mütze, Peggy Heunemann, Lionel Porcar, and Peter Fischer
18:15 CPP 55.12 Soft Solid Rheology Near the Gel Point — •Horst Henning Winter
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