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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 13: Precision spectroscopy of atoms and ions II (with Q)

Dienstag, 24. März 2015, 11:00–13:15, M/HS1

11:00 A 13.1 Hauptvortrag: Observation of wave function collapse and four-electron Auger process in inner-shell photoionization of atomic ions — •Stefan Schippers
11:30 A 13.2 Laser spectroscopy of the heaviest elements at GSI — •Premaditya Chhetri, MIchael Block, Harmut Backe, Peter Kunz, Fritz-Peter Heßberger, Mustapha Laatiaoui, Werner Lauth, Felix Lautenschläger, Sebastian Raeder, Thomas Walther, and Calvin Wraith
11:45 A 13.3 The g-factor of the proton and progress towards the antiproton — •Andreas Mooser for the BASE collaboration
12:00 A 13.4 Microwave Electrometry with Rydberg Atoms in a Vapor Cell — •Harald Kübler, Jonathan A. Sedlacek, Haoquan Fan, Santosh Kumar, Renate Daschner, Robert Löw, Tilman Pfau, and James p. Shaffer
12:15 A 13.5 A high-precision measurement of the isotope effect in the magnetic moment of highly charged 40,48Ca17+ ions — •Jiamin Hou, Florian Köhler, Sven Sturm, Anke Wagner, Wolfgang Quint, Günter Werth, and Klaus Blaum
  12:30 A 13.6 The contribution has been withdrawn.
12:45 A 13.7 Frequency metrology of ultracold 3 He and 4 He in the framework of the proton radius puzzle — •Robert J. Rengelink, Remy P.M.J.W. Notermans, and Wim Vassen
13:00 A 13.8 A novel permanent magnetic EBIT — •Peter Micke, Sven Bernitt, James Harries, Lisa F. Buchauer, Thore M. Bücking, Steffen Kühn, Piet O. Schmidt, and José R. Crespo López-Urrutia
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