Heidelberg 2015 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Q: Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik

Q 15: Poster: Quantum Optics and Photonics I

Q 15.59: Poster

Montag, 23. März 2015, 17:00–19:00, C/Foyer

Dual Species matter-wave Interferometry — •Hendrik Heine, Henning Albers, Jonas Hartwig, Dipankar Nath, Logan Richardson, Dennis Schlippert, Wolfgang Ertmer, and Ernst M. Rasel — Institut für Quantenoptik, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover

One of the cornerstones in Einstein’s General Relativity is the Universality of Free Fall (UFF) which has been examined in many classical experiments. We present a Quantum Test of the UFF based on a two species Raman-type matter-wave interferometer operating with thermal clouds of 87Rb and 39K to differentially measure the gravitationally-induced phase shift.

Both species are simultaneously trapped in a three-dimensional magneto-optical trap (MOT) which is loaded by a 2D-MOT. After cooling 87Rb (39K) to 27 µK (32 µK) they are released into free fall. While falling, the interferometer sequence is applied with two pairs of counter-propagating Raman-beams splitting, redirecting and recombining the atomic ensembles with a typical pulse separation time of T=20 ms. By inverting the orientation of the interferometer, we can suppress the most important Bias contributions of non-inertial phase-shifts in the half-difference of the signals.

We present a measurement of the Eötvös-ratio up to a level of ηRb,K=(0,3 ± 5,4)*10−7 and show the potential for future improvements of the measurement.

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