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Q: Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik

Q 24: Quantum Effects: Entanglement and Decoherence III

Dienstag, 24. März 2015, 14:30–16:30, B/gHS

14:30 Q 24.1 Loss-tolerant hybrid measurement test of Bell's inequality with weakly amplified N00N states — •Falk Töppel and Magdalena Stobińska
14:45 Q 24.2 Nonlocal photon correlations and violation of Bell inequalities for spatially separated classical light fields — •Daniel Bhatti, Raimund Schneider, Thomas Mehringer, Steffen Oppel, and Joachim von Zanthier
15:00 Q 24.3 Interference in Photon Absorption and Emission by a single Atom — •Andreas Alexander Buchheit and Giovanna Morigi
15:15 Q 24.4 Single-photon and macroscopical entanglement using nuclear ensemblesWen-Te Liao, Christoph H. Keitel, and •Adriana Pálffy
15:30 Q 24.5 Graph State Repeater — •Michael Epping, Hermann Kampermann, and Dagmar Bruß
15:45 Q 24.6 Entanglement of twisted photons in a e e+ → 2γ annihilation — •Dmitry Karlovets and Antonino Di Piazza
16:00 Q 24.7 Twisted photons' state evolution and bipartite entaglement decay in atmospheric turbulence — •Francesco Campaioli, Vyacheslav Shatokhin, and Andreas Buchleitner
16:15 Q 24.8 Distinguishing decoherence from alternative quantum theories by dynamical decoupling — •Christian Arenz, Robin Hillier, Martin Fraas, and Daniel Burgarth
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