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Q: Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik

Q 62: Poster: Quantum Optics and Photonics III

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015, 17:00–19:00, C/Foyer

17:00 Q 62.1 Towards imaging of single Rydberg Atoms — •Vladislav Gavryusev, Georg Günter, Gerhard Zuern, Miguel Ferreira-Cao, Giulia Faraoni, Hanna Schempp, Shannon Whitlock, and Matthias Weidemüller
17:00 Q 62.2 Dipolar exchange in interacting Rydberg gases — •Miguel Ferreira-Cao, Georg Günter, Hanna Schempp, María M. Valado, Vladislav Gavryusev, Gerhard Zürn, Shannon Whitlock, and Matthias Weidemüller
17:00 Q 62.3 Rydberg dressing of ultracold Potassium atoms via electromagnetically induced transparency — •Christoph Schweiger, Nils Pehoviak, Stephan Helmrich, Alda Arias, and Shannon Whitlock
17:00 Q 62.4 Rydberg quantum optics in ultracold gases — •Ivan Mirgorodskiy, Hannes Gorniaczyk, Christoph Tresp, Sebastian Weber, and Sebastian Hofferberth
17:00 Q 62.5 Towards a single-photon source based on Rydberg FWM in thermal microcells — •Fabian Ripka, Yi-Hsin Chen, Robert Löw, and Tilman Pfau
17:00 Q 62.6 Dynamical Mean-Field Theory of Rydberg-dressed quantum gases in optical lattices — •Andreas Geißler, Mathieu Barbier, Ivana Vasic, and Walter Hofstetter
17:00 Q 62.7 Laser System for Two-Photon Rydberg Excitation of Trapped Strontium Ions — •Fabian Pokorny, Gerard Higgins, Christine Maier, Johannes Haag, Florian Kress, Yves Colombe, and Markus Hennrich
17:00 Q 62.8 Interaction Effects and Collisional Processes in Mesoscopic Rydberg Driven Ensembles — •Torsten Manthey, Thomas Niederprüm, Oliver Thomas, Tobias M. Weber, and Herwig Ott
17:00 Q 62.9 Rydberganregung von 40Ca+ mit Vakuum-Ultraviolettem-Laserlicht — •Patrick Bachor, Matthias Stappel, Jochen Walz, Thomas Feldker und Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler
17:00 Q 62.10 Collective Rabi oscillations and progress towards Rydberg dressing — •Peter Schauß, Johannes Zeiher, Sebastian Hild, Jae-yoon Choi, Tommaso Macri, Rick van Bijnen, Thomas Pohl, Immanuel Bloch, and Christian Groß
17:00 Q 62.11 Controlled interactions between optical photons stored as Rydberg polaritons — •Hannes Busche, Simon W. Ball, Teodora Ilieva, Paul Huillery, Daniel Maxwell, David Paredes-Barato, David J. Szwer, Matthew P. A. Jones, and Charles S. Adams
17:00 Q 62.12 Nonlinear nonlocal response of thermal Rydberg atoms — •Lida Zhang and Jörg Evers
17:00 Q 62.13 Towards splitting single atom trajectories over macroscopic distances — •Gautam Ramola, Carsten Robens, Jonathan Zopes, Wolfgang Alt, Dieter Meschede, and Andrea Alberti
17:00 Q 62.14 A High-Speed Imaging System and a Two-Colour Magneto-Optical Trap for Discrete-Time Quantum Walks — •Volker Schilling, Stefan Brakhane, Stanislav Shestovy, Felix Kleißler, Wolfgang Alt, Andrea Alberti, and Dieter Meschede
17:00 Q 62.15 Light shifts and mechanical dynamics of single Rb atoms in a deep two-dimensional optical lattice — •Matthias Körber, Andreas Neuzner, Olivier Morin, Stephan Ritter, and Gerhard Rempe
17:00 Q 62.16 Ultracold erbium atoms in a quasistatic optical dipole trap — •Daniel Babik, Henning Brammer, Jens Ulitzsch, and Martin Weitz
17:00 Q 62.17 Molecular spectroscopy of ultracold 23Na40K — •Frauke Seeßelberg, Nikolaus Buchheim, Zhenkai Lu, Tobias Schneider, Immanuel Bloch, and Christoph Gohle
17:00 Q 62.18 Creation of Fermi-Bose mixture of 6Li and 133Cs at ultracold temperatures — •Stephan Häfner, Juris Ulmanis, Rico Pires, Eva D. Kuhnle, Matthias Weidemüller, and Eberhard Tiemann
17:00 Q 62.19 Anomalous diffusion of a single atom in a lattice in presence of an external force — •Farina Kindermann, Michael Bauer, Felix Schmidt, Tobias Lausch, Daniel Mayer, and Artur Widera
17:00 Q 62.20 A Species-Selective Optical Conveyor Belt Lattice for Neutral Cesium Atoms — •Felix Schmidt, Daniel Mayer, Michael Bauer, Farina Kindermann, Tobias Lausch, and Artur Widera
17:00 Q 62.21 Arbitrary optical traps with spatial light modulators — •Marvin Holten, Puneet Murthy, André Wenz, Gerhard Zürn, and Selim Jochim
17:00 Q 62.22 A Hybrid Microscopic Microwave Sensor — •Daniel Weller, Georg Epple, Christian Veit, Kathrin S. Kleinbach, Tilman Pfau, and Robert Löw
17:00 Q 62.23 Construction of a lithium quantum gas machine — •Andreas Kerkmann, Jan Mika Jacobsen, Niels Rohweder, Benno Rem, Christof Weitenberg, and Klaus Sengstock
17:00 Q 62.24 Optimized Setup for Quantum Logic Spectroscopy of single Molecular Ions — •Jan Christoph Heip, Fabian Wolf, Florian Gebert, Yong Wan, and Piet O. Schmidt
17:00 Q 62.25 Non-cryogenic fiber amplifier for optical trapping of neutral mercury — •Holger John and Thomas Walther
17:00 Q 62.26 Double-MOT fluorescence detection on a mesoscopic atom chip — •Ilka Kruse, Jan Mahnke, Andreas Hüper, Wolfgang Ertmer, and Carsten Klempt
17:00 Q 62.27 Digital high bandwidth controller for optical traps — •Florian Seidler
17:00 Q 62.28 Quantum Gases of Light in Variable Potentials — •David Dung, Dario Bashir-Elahi, Tobias Damm, Julian Schmitt, Christian Wahl, Frank Vewinger, Jan Klärs, and Martin Weitz
17:00 Q 62.29 Dynamical localization in a quantum André-Aubry potential — •Katharina Rojan, Hessam Habibian, Anna Minguzzi, and Giovanna Morigi
17:00 Q 62.30 Trajectory-based micromotion compensationTimm F. Gloger, Peter Kaufmann, •Delia Kaufmann, Thomas Collath, M. Tanveer Baig, Michael Johanning, and Christof Wunderlich
17:00 Q 62.31 Tailoring the anharmonicity of the axial trapping potential an segmented micro-structured ion trap — •M. Tanveer Baig, Timm F. Gloger, Peter Kaufmann, Delia Kaufmann, Thomas Collath, Michael Johanning, and Christof Wunderlich
17:00 Q 62.32 A versatile transport apparatus for the production of groundstate RbYb — •Simone Kipp, Tobias Franzen, Alina Hoppe, Christian Keller, Lukas Mehring, Kapilan Paramasivam, Bastian Pollklesener, Markus Rosendahl, Bastian Schepers, Ralf Stephan, and Axel Görlitz
17:00 Q 62.33 towards resolved sideband spectroscopy of barium ion in a hybrid atom-ion experiment — •Amir Mahdian, Joschka Wolf, Artjom Krükow, Amir Mohammadi, and Johannes Hecker denschlag
17:00 Q 62.34 Coherent interactions in a one-dimensional ultracold medium of extreme optical depth — •Frank Blatt, Thomas Halfmann, and Thorsten Peters
17:00 Q 62.35 Photonic crystal fibre technology based ion traps — •Frieder Lindenfelser, Ben Keitch, Patrick Uebel, Bmitry Bykov, Markus Schmidt, Philip St.J. Russell, and Joathan Home
17:00 Q 62.36 Effect of photon absorption in optical phase gratings for matter waves — •Kai Walter, Stefan Nimmrichter, and Klaus Hornberger
17:00 Q 62.37 Gravimetry with ultra-cold atoms based on atom-chip sources — •Matthias Gersemann, Jonas Matthias, Maral Sahelgozin, Holger Ahlers, Sven Abend, Martina Gebbe, Hauke Müntinga, Waldemar Herr, Wolfgang Ertmer, and Ernst Maria Rasel
17:00 Q 62.38 Many-body scattering of atoms through mesoscopic cavities: Universal effects of indistinguishability and interactions — •Josef Michl, Markus Biberger, Jack Kuipers, Juan Diego Urbina, and Klaus Richter
17:00 Q 62.39 A bottom-up approach to Poisson spot experiments with neutral matter-waves — •Thomas Reisinger, Arne Fischer, Christian Reitz, Herbert Gleiter, and Horst Hahn
17:00 Q 62.40 Towards a unified description of time independent matter-wave interferometers — •Alexander Friedrich, Enno Giese, and Wolfgang P. Schleich
17:00 Q 62.41 QUANTUS 2 - a matter wave interferometer in extended free fall — •Alexander Grote, Klaus Sengstock, and the QUANTUS Team
17:00 Q 62.42 Representation-free description of light-pulse atom interferometry including non-inertial effects — •Stephan Kleinert, Endre Kajari, Albert Roura, Wolfgang P. Schleich, and the QUANTUS Team
17:00 Q 62.43 Compact and stable laser systems for atom interferometry with 41K in microgravity — •Aline Dinkelaker, Max Schiemangk, Kai Lampmann, and Achim Peters for the QUANTUS collaboration
17:00 Q 62.44 Laser systems for atom interferometry aboard sounding rockets — •Vladimir Schkolnik, Markus Krutzik, Achim Peters, The MAIUS Team, The FOKUS Team, and The KALEXUS Team
17:00 Q 62.45 General Relativistic Corrections for Bose-Einstein Condensates in Local Frames — •Oliver Gabel and Reinhold Walser
17:00 Q 62.46 Experimental investigation of momentum space signatures of Anderson localization — •Valentin V. Volchkov, Jérémie Richard, Vincent Denechaud, Guillaume Berthet, Kilian Müller, Philippe Bouyer, Alain Aspect, and Vincent Josse
17:00 Q 62.47 Realizing a sub-kelvin membrane-in-the-middle fiber cavity — •Hai Zhong, Philipp Christoph, Andreas Bick, Christina Staarmann, Jannes Heinze, Ortwin Hellmig, Christoph Becker, Alexander Schwarz, Klaus Sengstock, and Roland Wiesendanger
17:00 Q 62.48 Asymmetric fiber cavities for quantum opto-mechanics with SiN-membranes — •Philipp Christoph, Andreas Bick, Christina Staarmann, Hai Zhong, Alexander Schwarz, Roland Wiesendanger, Ortwin Hellmig, Jannes Heinze, Christoph Becker, and Klaus Sengstock
17:00 Q 62.49 Transverse Mode Coupling and Diffraction Loss in Fibre-Based Microcavities — •Julia Benedikter, Thomas Hümmer, Matthias Mader, Theodor W. Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.50 Ultra-small mode volume cavities for the enhancement of nitrogen-vacancy center fluorescence — •Hanno Kaupp, Benedikt Schlederer, Helmut Fedder, Huan-Cheng Chang, Theodor W. Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.51 Cavity-enhanced Scanning Raman-Spectroscopy of single Carbon Nanotubes — •Thomas Hümmer, Matthias S. Hofmann, Jonathan Noe, Alexander Högele, Theodor W. Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.52 A Scanning Cavity Microscope — •Matthias Mader, Jakob Reichel, Theodor W. Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.53 Large Purcell enhancement of NV-Center fluorescence in an optical nanocavity — •Pradyumna Paranjape, Andreas Weißl, Hanno Kaupp, Huan-Cheng Chang, Helmut Fedder, Theodor Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.54 Rare-earth-ion doped nanocrystals coupled to a fiber-based microcavity — •Tolga Bagci, Thomas Hümmer, Hanno Kaupp, Andreas Weißl, Alban Ferrier, Philippe Goldner, Theodor W. Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.54a Rayleigh Scattering in Open-Access Microcavities — •Eric Bersin, Julia Benedikter, Matthias Mader, Thomas Hümmer, Theodor Hänsch, and David Hunger
17:00 Q 62.55 High Fluorescent Yield of Ion Implanted Rare-Earth-Dopants in YAG — •Thomas Kornher, Nadezhda Kukharchyk, Kangwei Xia, Roman Kolesov, Andreas D. Wieck, and Jörg Wrachtrup
17:00 Q 62.56 Photonic structures for manipulation of rare-earth ions in thin films — •Bruno Villa, Roman Kolesov, Kangwei Xia, Rolf Reuter, Gunther Richter, Andrej Denisenko, Seyed Ali Momenzadeh, and Jörg Wrachtrup
17:00 Q 62.57 Single rare earth ions as a new platform for quantum optics — •Emanuel Eichhammer, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, and Vahid Sandoghdar
17:00 Q 62.58 Generation of squeezed light and quantum correlations from few emitters in a nanostructure — •Harald R. Haakh and Diego Martin-Cano
17:00 Q 62.59 Modification of the radiative properties of a single emitter by a gold nanocone — •Korenobu Matsuzaki, Simon Vassant, Björn Hoffmann, Silke Christiansen, Stephan Götzinger, and Vahid Sandoghdar
17:00 Q 62.60 Experimental realization of an optical antenna designed for collecting 99% of photons from a quantum emitter — •Xiao-Liu Chu, Thomas Brenner, Xue-Wen Chen, Yagnaseni Ghosh, Jennifer Hollingsworth, Vahid Sandoghdar, and Stephan Götzinger
17:00 Q 62.61 Interfacing Light and Single Molecules in a Dielectric Nanoguide — •Pierre Türschmann, Harald. R. Haakh, Tobias Utikal, Stephan Götzinger, and Vahid Sandoghdar
17:00 Q 62.62 Chiral photon emission beyond paraxial approximation — •Stefan Walser, Jan Petersen, Jürgen Volz, and Arno Rauschenbeutel
17:00 Q 62.63 Single-mode waveguide for evanescent broadband coupling — •Lars Liebermeister, Niko Heinrichs, Peter Fischer, Martin Zeitlmair, Florian Böhm, Lukas Worthmann, Harald Weinfurter, and Markus Weber
17:00 Q 62.64 Interfacing single molecules with nanofibers — •Hardy Schauffert, Sarah Skoff, and David Papencordt
17:00 Q 62.65 Nanodiamonds with singe nitrogen vacancy centres in laser-written microstructures — •Bernd Sontheimer, Qiang Shi, Johannes Kaschke, Tanja Neumer, Joachim Fischer, Andreas W. Schell, Martin Wegener, and Oliver Benson
17:00 Q 62.66 Resonant excitation of nitrogen-vacancy centers at room temperature — •Martin Zeitlmair, Lars Liebermeister, Niko Heinrichs, Florian Boehm, Peter Fischer, Lukas Worthmann, Harald Weinfurter, and Markus Weber
17:00 Q 62.67 Why you should be interested in the silicon vacancy centre in diamond — •Lachlan J. Rogers and Fedor Jelezko
17:00 Q 62.68 Investigating Optical Stability of Silicon Vacancy Centres in Nanodiamonds — •Andrea Kurz, Lachlan J. Rogers, Kay D. Jahnke, Uwe Jantzen, Clemens Schäfermeier, Andreas Dietrich, Fedor Jelezko, and Alexander Kubanek
17:00 Q 62.69 non-classical emission from CdSe/CdS dot-in-rods and their clusters — •Luo Qi, Lukas Lachman, Mathieu Manceau, Maria Chekhova, Radim Filip, Elisabeth Giacobino, and Gerd Leuchs
17:00 Q 62.70 Single molecule localization microscopy of chromatin structure using standard DNA dyesAleksander Szczurek, •Christoph Cremer, and Udo Birk
17:00 Q 62.71 Angstrom-Resolution Cryogenic Localization Microscopy — •Siegfried Weisenburger, Luxi Wei, and Vahid Sandoghdar
17:00 Q 62.72 Light scattering in hybrid optomechanical systems in diamond — •Luigi Giannelli, Giovanna Morigi, and Marc Bienert
17:00 Q 62.73 Towards x-ray optomechanics — •Luling Jin, Yong Li, and Jörg Evers
17:00 Q 62.74 Hybrid optomechanics with ultracold atoms and a nanomechanical membrane — •Tobias Kampschulte, Andreas Jöckel, Aline Faber, Lucas Beguin, Berit Vogell, Klemens Hammerer, Peter Zoller, and Philipp Treutlein
17:00 Q 62.75 Nano-scale rotor driven by single-electron tunneling — •Alan Celestino, Alexander Eisfeld, and Alexander Croy
17:00 Q 62.76 Design of an XUV and soft X-ray split-and-delay unit for FLASH II — •Sebastian Roling, Björn Siemer, Frank Wahlert, Michael Wöstmann, and Helmut Zacharias
17:00 Q 62.77 A split-and-delay unit for the European XFEL: Enabling hard x-ray pump/probe experiments at the HED instrument — •Tobias Hovestädt, Sebastian Roling, Karen Appel, Stefan Braun, Peter Gawlitza, Liubov Samoylova, Harald Sinn, Björn Siemer, Frank Siewert, Frank Wahlert, Michael Wöstmann, and Helmut Zacharias
17:00 Q 62.78 Temporal coherence properties of FLASH at λ = 31.7 nm — •Paul Möllers, Sebastian Roling, Peter Üffink, Sven Toleikis, Michael Wöstmann, and Helmut Zacharias
17:00 Q 62.79 Local symmetries and invariants in wave scattering — •Christian Morfonios, Panayotis Kalozoumis, Fotis Diakonos, and Peter Schmelcher
17:00 Q 62.80 Optical beams with rotating transverse field distributions — •Falk Töppel, Andrea Aiello, and Gerd Leuchs
17:00 Q 62.81 Efficiency in WGM-Electro-Optic Modulators — •Alfredo Rueda, Florian Sedlmeir, Gerd Leuchs, and Harald G. L. Schwefel
17:00 Q 62.82 Search for non-resonant field enhancement in an isotropic nonlinear optical medium — •Rojiar Penjweini, Marianne Bader, Markus Sondermann, and Gerd Leuchs
17:00 Q 62.83 Ultrafast spatial shaping of femtosecond laser beams — •Tom Bolze and Patrick Nuernberger
17:00 Q 62.84 Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating: Multiple Pulse Reconstruction and Error Treatment — •Alexander Hause and Fedor Mitschke
17:00 Q 62.85 Soliton Molecules in an Amplified Dispersion-Managed FiberJan Froh, •Alexander Hause, and Fedor Mitschke
17:00 Q 62.86 Improvements of a capillary Raman system for high-sensitivity gas analysis — •Simone Rupp, Timothy M. James, Andreas Off, Hendrik Seitz-Moskaliuk, and Helmut H. Telle
17:00 Q 62.87 Relative Intensity Correction of Raman Spectrometers with NIST Standard Reference Material 2242 in 90° scattering geometry — •Magnus Schlösser, Simone Rupp, Tim Brunst, and Timothy M. James
17:00 Q 62.88 Bestimmung der Frequenzverschiebung und spektralen Breite der Brillouin-Streuung in Abhängigkeit von Temperatur und Salzgehalt — •Kerstin Lux, Pascal Lautz, David Rupp und Thomas Walther
17:00 Q 62.89 Ein Brillouin-LIDAR zur Messung von Temperaturprofilen im Ozean — •David Rupp, Andreas Rudolf, David Jones und Thomas Walther
  17:00 Q 62.90 Der Beitrag wurde abgesagt.
17:00 Q 62.91 Vermessung der Quanteneffizienz von GaAs-Photokathoden für die Testquelle Photo-CATCH — •Michael Michael, Joachim Enders, Martin Espig, Yuliya Fritzsche und Markus Wagner
17:00 Q 62.92 Nanoscale vacuum-tube electronics devices triggered by few-cycle laser pulses — •Michal Hamkalo, Takuya Higuchi, M. Alexander Schneider, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.93 Geometries and Materials for Laser-Based Particle Acceleration at Dielectric Structures — •Alexander Tafel, Joshua McNeur, Kenneth Leedle, Ang Li, James Harris, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.94 Silicon structures and 2 micron sources for DLA experiments — •Norbert Schönenberger, Joshua McNeur, Axel Rühl, Jonas Hammer, Ingmar Hartl, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.95 Dielectric Laser Acceleration of a Proton Beam — •Ang Li, Joshua McNeur, Johannes Depner, Jonas Hammer, Thorsten Kühn, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.96 Laser-driven current through graphene-nanogap tunnel junctions — •Christian Heide, Takuya Higuchi, Andreas Artinger, Konrad Ullmann, Heiko B. Weber, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.97 Phase-resolved photoemission from metal nanotips at infrared wavelengths — •Michael Förster, Timo Paschen, Sebastian Thomas, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.98 Detecting Harmonic Generation from a Metal Nanotip — •Ella Schmidt, Michael Förster, Timo Paschen, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.99 Design of a novel microwave-chip electron beam splitter — •Philipp Weber, Jakob Hammer, Sebastian Thomas, and Peter Hommelhoff
17:00 Q 62.100 Potassium Spectroscopy on a Sounding Rocket — •Kai Lampmann, Ortwin Hellmig, Achim Peters, Patrick Windpassinger, and The KALEXUS Team
17:00 Q 62.101 Intensity dependence of photoelectronic angular distributions — •Eike Lübking, Torsten Hartmann, Christoph Vorndamme, Uwe Morgner, and Milutin Kovacev
17:00 Q 62.102 Frequency comb referenced narrow-linewidth mid-IR laser spectrometer for high-resolution molecular spectroscopy — •Michael Hansen, Evangelos Magoulakis, Qun-Feng Chen, Ingo Ernsting, and Stephan Schiller
  17:00 Q 62.103 The contribution has been withdrawn.
17:00 Q 62.104 Probing and Modeling Optical Properties of High Band Gap Dielectrics Excited by Temporally Shaped Femtosecond Laser Pulses — •Nikolai Jelzow, Thomas Winkler, Christian Sarpe, Jens Köhler, Bastian Zielinski, Nadine Götte, Arne Senfleben, and Thomas Baumert
17:00 Q 62.105 GaAs/AlGaAs Phase Modulator for 780 nm Lasers — •Bassem Arar, Hans Wenzel, Reiner Güther, Olaf Brox, Andre Maaßdorf, Andreas Wicht, Achim Peters, Markus Weyers, Götz Erbert, and Günther Tränkle
17:00 Q 62.106 Photonic Lanterns - Characterisation for applications in Astrophotonics — •Katjana Ehrlich, Dionne Haynes, Jean-Christophe Olaya, Roger Haynes, and Martin M. Roth
17:00 Q 62.107 Erzeugung von flachen, rechteckförmigen Frequenzkämmen mit beliebiger Bandbreite und variablem Frequenzabstand — •Stefan Preussler und Thomas Schneider
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