Bremen 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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P: Fachverband Plasmaphysik

P 13: Magnetic Confinement

P 13.7: Poster

Dienstag, 14. März 2017, 16:30–18:30, HS Foyer

Surface Temperature Measurement of In-Vessel Components Using Infra Red Spectroscopy — •Raheesty Devi Nem, Bernhard Sieglin, Albrecht Herrmann, and ASDEX Upgrade Team — IPP, Boltzmannstraße 2, 85748 Garching bei München

Neutral beam injection (NBI) is one of the auxiliary heating method used on ASDEX Upgrade. If the neutral beam is not absorbed by the plasma, it can deposit a high heat load with a heat flux density of up to ≈ 40  MW/m2 on the first wall. For the machine protection, the Heat Shield Thermography (HST) is used to observe the strike points of the beam. The current HST system uses two colors pyrometers at wavelengths of about 0.9  µ m and 1.6  µ m to evaluate the surface temperature. Volume radiation influences the measurement, resulting in an overestimation of the surface temperature. As a consequence, the NBI is switched off unnecessarily. The aim of this work is to improve the HST by using infra red spectroscopy to disentangle thermal radiation from volume radiation. The basic principles for the surface temperature evaluation using IR thermography is shown. The calibration process of the IR spectrometer in laboratory is discussed. The spectrometer has been commissioned in the lab and tested at the high heat flux test facility GLADIS. The experimental setup and the results from GLADIS are shown. In addition the uncertainties of the spectroscopic measurement are discussed using synthetic data. An outlook to the commissioning of the new HST system on ASDEX Upgrade during the start of the 2017 campaign is given.

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