Bremen 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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P: Fachverband Plasmaphysik

P 6: Helmholtz Graduate School I

Montag, 13. März 2017, 16:30–18:30, HS Foyer

16:30 P 6.1 Electron Cyclotron Emission Diagnostic Calibration and First Heatwave Analysis Results at Wendelstein 7-X — •Udo Hoefel, Hans-Jürgen Hartfuß, Matthias Hirsch, Sehyun Kwak, Gregor Pechstein, Stefan Schmuck, Torsten Stange, Jakob Svensson, Gavin Weir, Robert Wolf, and the W7-X team
16:30 P 6.2 Influence of pedestal top properties on ELM mitigation and first insights into the pump-out effect — •Nils Leuthold, Wolfgang Suttrop, Rainer Fischer, Athina Kappatou, Andrew Kirk, Rachael McDermott, Alexander Mlynek, Martin Valovic, Matthias Willensdorfer, the ASDEX Upgrade Team, and the EUROfusion MST1 Team
16:30 P 6.3 Low-Z impurity transport studies using CXRS at ASDEX Upgrade — •Cecilia Bruhn, Rachael McDermott, Alexander Lebschy, Ralph Dux, Athina Kappatou, Volodymyr Bobkov, Roman Ochoukov, Jakob Ameres, Clemente Angioni, Marco Cavedon, Thomas Pütterich, Eleonora Viezzer, and the Asdex Upgrade Team
16:30 P 6.4 Dependence of Oxidation on the Grain Orientation of Tungsten — •Karsten Schlüter and Martin Balden
16:30 P 6.5 Study of the gas balance of Wendelstein 7-X — •Georg Schlisio, Uwe Wenzel, Thomas Sunn Pedersen, Tom Wauters, and W7-X Team
16:30 P 6.6 First numerical results towards a 3D MHD equilibrium solver via artificial relaxation mechanisms — •Camilla Bressan, Michael Kraus, Philip James Morrison, Omar Maj, and Eric Sonnendrücker
16:30 P 6.7 Optimal and Robust Multigrid Solver for Elliptic Problems with Application to Anisotropic Diffusion — •Mustafa Gaja, Ahmed Ratnani, Emmanuel Franck, Mariarosa Mazza, Jalal Lakhlili, and Eric Sonnendruecker
16:30 P 6.8 A Phase Contrast Imaging Diagnostic for Turbulence Measurements in the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator — •Lukas-Georg Böttger, Olaf Grulke, and Eric Matthias Edlund
16:30 P 6.9 Combining electromagnetic gyro-kinetic particle-in-cell simulations with collisions — •Christoph Slaby, Ralf Kleiber, and Axel Könies
16:30 P 6.10 Parametric Decay Instability during Collective Thomson Scattering on ASDEX Upgrade — •Søren Kjer Hansen, Stefan Kragh Nielsen, Alf Köhn, Jörg Stober, and The ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:30 P 6.11 An approach to an electronic stability control for gyrotrons — •Fabian Wilde, Stefan Marsen, Ioannis Pagonakis, Konstantinos Avramidis, Torsten Stange, Heinrich Laqua, and John Jelonnek
16:30 P 6.12 SOLPS Modeling of Partially Detached Plasmas in ASDEX Upgrade — •Ferdinand Hitzler, Marco Wischmeier, Felix Reimold, Xavier Bonnin, Arne Kallenbach, the ASDEX Upgrade Team, and the EUROfusion MST1 Team
16:30 P 6.13 Analysis and Modelling of JET Neon Seeded Discharges With High Radiative Power Fraction — •Stephan Glöggler, Marco Wischmeier, Matthias Bernert, Giuseppe Calabrò, Alexander Huber, Christopher Lowry, Matthew Reinke, Sven Wiesen, and JET Contributors
16:30 P 6.14 Non-Maxwellian fast particle effects in gyrokinetic GENE simulations — •Alessandro Di Siena, Tobias Goerler, Hauke Doerk, Jonathan Citrin, Thomas Johnson, Mireille Schneider, and Emanuele Poli
16:30 P 6.15 Bayesian inference of electron temperature and density from JET high resolution Thomson scattering and interferometer data — •Sehyun Kwak, Jakob Svensson, Sergey Bozhenkov, Joanne Flanagan, Mark Kempenaars, Young-chul Ghim, and JET Contributors
16:30 P 6.16 Kinetic Simulations of 1D SOL Plasmas with KIPP-SOLPS Coupling Code — •Menglong Zhao, Alex Chankin, and David Coster
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