Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 10: Bioinspired Functional Materials II

Montag, 20. März 2017, 15:00–18:15, ZEU 114

15:00 CPP 10.1 Extreme refractive index wing scale beads cause the bright colors of pierid butterflies — •Bodo Wilts, Bas Wijnen, Ullrich Steiner, and Doekele Stavenga
15:15 CPP 10.2 Actuated Self-(Un)rolling Silk Microstructures: Rings, Tubules, and Hhelical Tubules — •Chunhong Ye, Svetoslav V Nikolov, Ren Geryak, Rossella Calabrese, Alexander Alexeev, David L Kaplan, and Vladimir V Tsukruk
15:30 CPP 10.3 Shear-induced transformation of polymer-rich lamellar phases to micron sized vesicles investigated by small-angle scattering — •Sören Großkopf, Miriam Siebenbürger, Oliver Wrede, Yvonne Hertle, and Thomas Hellweg
15:45 CPP 10.4 Carbon-Nanotube Membranes from Self-Assembly in Lipid Bilayers — •Martin Vögele, Jürgen Köfinger, and Gerhard Hummer
16:00 CPP 10.5 The impact of surface curvature on growing tissues — •Sebastian Ehrig, Alan West, Cecile M. Bidan, Karen Lam, Philip Kollmannsberger, Pavel Tomancak, Peter Fratzl, and John W.C. Dunlop
16:15 CPP 10.6 Colloid Clusters in Confinement: Observation, Modelling and Simulation — •Junwei Wang, Michael Engel, and Nicolas Vogel
  16:30 15 min break
16:45 CPP 10.7 Nonclassical Crystallization in vivo et in vitro: origin and mimesis of a fundamental and nanoscale process-structure-property relationship of biominerals — •Stephan E. Wolf
17:00 CPP 10.8 Gyroid Optical Metamaterials: Termination-Induced Anisotropy — •Matthias Saba, James A. Dolan, Raphael Dehmel, Angela Demetriadou, Ilja Gunkel, Yibei Gu, Ulrich Wiesner, Timothy D. Wilkinson, Ullrich Steiner, Jeremy J. Baumberg, Bodo D. Wilts, and Ortwin Hess
17:15 CPP 10.9 Immobilization Strategies for Photoactive Metal-Complexes on Carbon NanomembranesMaria Küllmer, Patrick Endres, Christof Neumann, •Andreas Winter, Andreas Winter, Benjamin Dietzek, Ulrich Schubert, and Andrey Turchanin
17:30 CPP 10.10 Bio-inspired photonic structures as blueprints for compact polarization converters — •Xia Wu, Fernando Luis Rodríguez Gallegos, Marie-Christin Angermann, Bertram Schwind, Helge-Otto Fabritius, Georg von Freymann, and Jens Förstner
17:45 CPP 10.11 Soft and Tough as well: Morphology and Functional Structure of Spider SilkA. Markus Anton and •Friedrich Kremer
  18:00 CPP 10.12 The contribution has been withdrawn.
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