Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 15: Poster: Membranes, Biomaterials, Biopolymers

Montag, 20. März 2017, 18:30–21:00, P1C

18:30 CPP 15.1 The fluorescence activity of nano-confined dyesKhalil Alizadeh, Seyyed Mahdi Shavakandi, Soheil Sharifi, Othmar Marti, and •Masoud Amirkhani
18:30 CPP 15.2 Surfactant-induced Porous Polymer Film — •Dan Peng, Farid Farajollahi, Susanne Sihler, Ulrich Ziener, Othmar Marti, and Masoud Amirkhani
18:30 CPP 15.3 Fabricating Complex Composite Porous Structures — •Yize Shao, Susanne Sihler, Farid Farajollahi, Ulrich Ziener, Othmar Marti, and Masoud Amirkhani
18:30 CPP 15.4 Optical studies of thermal properties of materials — •David Schönebeck, Jonas Pfeil, Anna Sailer, Martin Müller, Kay-E. Gottschalk, and Masoud Amirkhani
18:30 CPP 15.5 A theoretical model of the frame-guided assembly process — •Simon Raschke and Andreas Heuer
18:30 CPP 15.6 Investigating structure and water permeability of bilayers containing beta-cyclodextrin using MD simulations — •Alexander Kötter, Djurre Hendrik de Jong, and Andreas Heuer
18:30 CPP 15.7 Adhesion of deformable fluctuating interfaces by multiple types of functional complexes — •Josip Vlajčević and Ana-Sunčana Smith
18:30 CPP 15.8 Effects of microwaves on graphene quantum dots in solution — •Alexandra Steina, Stefan Fasbender, and Thomas Heinzel
18:30 CPP 15.9 Tight-Binding Simulation of Graphene Quantum Dots — •Christian Wimmenauer and Thomas Heinzel
18:30 CPP 15.10 Analysis of orange graphene quantum dots for biological applications — •Lisa Zimmermann, Stefan Fasbender, Ron-Patrick Cadeddu, Rainer Haas, and Thomas Heinzel
18:30 CPP 15.11 Polymer chains: how they influence the red blood cell motion — •Carina Bezold, Christian Bächer, and Stephan Gekle
18:30 CPP 15.12 Controlled Assembly of Plasmonic Core/Satellite Nanostructures for Efficient SERS Enhancement — •Roland Höller, Izabella Jahn, Martin Dulle, Dana Cialla-May, Martin Mayer, Stephan Förster, Jürgen Popp, Munish Chanana, Christian Kuttner, and Andreas Fery
18:30 CPP 15.13 The Dielectric Permittivity of Protein Solutions — •Susanne Liese and Roland R. Netz
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