Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 31: Oxide and Insulator Surfaces: Structure, Epitaxy and Growth I

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 10:30–13:00, WIL C107

10:30 O 31.1 Ultra-thin Germania films on Ru(0001) and Pt(111) studied by Spectromicroscopy — •Alexander Fuhrich, Thomas Schmidt, Dietrich Menzel, and Hans-Joachim Freund
10:45 O 31.2 Ultra-thin films of iron-silicate — •Gina Peschel, Alexander Fuhrich, Hagen W. Klemm, Mauricio Prieto, Dietrich Menzel, Thomas Schmidt, and Hans-Joachim Freund
11:00 O 31.3 Structure of ultra-thin ZnO films supported on Ag(111) characterized by IR spectroscopy — •Xiaojuan Yu, Alexei Nefedov, Yuemin Wang, and Christof Wöll
11:15 O 31.4 Well-ordered ultrathin oxides on magnetic substrates: tuning the magnetic properties through atomic scale control of the interface chemistry. — •andrea picone
11:30 O 31.5 Probing the surface structure of thin TiOx films on Pt3Ti(111) by IRRAS and XPS — •Ludger Schöttner, Marco Moors, Fabian Bebensee, Xiaojuan Yu, Alexei Nefedov, Yuemin Wang, and Christof Wöll
11:45 O 31.6 Surface Faceting and Reconstruction of Ceria Nanoparticles — •Chengwu Yang, Xiaojuan Yu, Stefan Heißler, Alexei Nefedov, Sara Colussi, Jordi Llorca, Alessandro Trovarelli, Yuemin Wang, and Christof Wöll
12:00 O 31.7 Surface lattice vibrations of BaO(001) thin film on Pt(001) — •Veronica Goian, Florian Schumann, and Wolf Widdra
12:15 O 31.8 Ordered structures in reduced SrTiO3 on Pd(111) — •Bettina Leibundgut, Stefan Förster, and Wolf Widdra
12:30 O 31.9 DFT study of the stability of thin zirconia films and meta-stable bulk phases — •Jakub Planer, Wernfried Mayr-Schmölzer, Florian Mittendorfer, and Josef Redinger
12:45 O 31.10 Strain and ordering effects of ultrathin epitaxial ferrite films on SrTiO3(001) — •Jari Rodewald, Tabea Nordmann, Jannis Thien, and Joachim Wollschläger
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