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AKjDPG: Arbeitskreis junge DPG

AKjDPG 3: PhD Symposium: Ultrafast spin-lattice interactions (joint session MA/AKjDPG)

AKjDPG 3.7: Hauptvortrag

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 12:45–13:15, H 1012

Ultrafast Thermal Transport in Magnetic Heterostructures — •Richard Wilson1, Michael Gomez1, Jon Gorchon2, Yang Yang2, Charles-Henri Lambert2, Sayeef Salahuddin2, and Jeff Bokor21Materials Science and Engineering, University of California Riverside, Riverside, United States — 2Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, United States

Femtosecond heating of magnetic materials leads to a wide array of extraordinary thermally driven magnetic phenomena. Understanding and controlling ultrafast magnetic phenomena requires a detailed understanding of thermal transport in complex magnetic heterostructures. To achieve this understanding, we use a combination of TDTR and TRMOKE experiments to quantify thermal transport in magnetic heterostructures. We use ultrafast electrical or optical stimulus drive the heterostructures from thermal equilibrium. Then, we monitor tiny changes in optical and magneto-optic properties to monitor changes in temperature and magnetism. We interpret our data with spin and thermal transport models that quantify the diffusion of heat and spin across layers, as wells as energy flow between electronic-, vibrational-, and magnetic-degrees-of-freedom. Here, I discuss our recent efforts to understand ultrafast thermal phenomena in ferrimagnetic heterostructures. These experiments focus on both normal-metal/ferrimagnetic-metal heterostructures, e.g. Au/GdFeCo or Pt/GdFeCo, and normal-metal/ferrimagnetic-insulator heterostructures, e.g. Au/TmIG or Au/YIG.

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