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DS: Fachverband Dünne Schichten

DS 12: 2D Materials: Session II (joint session DS/CPP/HL)

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 09:30–13:15, H 2032

  09:30 DS 12.1 The contribution has been withdrawn.
09:45 DS 12.2 Interplay of magnetization between graphene and magnetoelectric multiferroics — •Zeila Zanolli
10:00 DS 12.3 Gate-Dependent Vacancy Migration in Graphene — •Rohit Babar and Mukul Kabir
10:15 DS 12.4 Transition between rhombohedral and Bernal stacking in multilayer graphene flakes — •Fabian Rudolf Geisenhof, Felix Winterer, and Ralf Thomas Weitz
10:30 DS 12.5 Chemical vapour growth and delamination of α-MCl3 nanosheets (M = Ru, Mo, Ti) — •Martin Grönke, Silke Hampel, Peer Schmidt, Danny Pohflepp, Nadine Bronkalla, and Bernd Büchner
10:45 DS 12.6 Suppression of excitonic absorption in few-layer GaSe — •Arne Budweg, Dinesh Yadav, Alexander Grupp, Alfred Leitenstorfer, Maxim Trushin, Fabian Pauly, and Daniele Brida
  11:00 DS 12.7 The contribution has been moved to O 74.4.
  11:15 15 min. break
11:30 DS 12.8 Thickness dependent electronic and optical properties of TMDCs within many-body perturbation theory — •Philipp Marauhn, Peter Krüger, and Michael Rohlfing
11:45 DS 12.9 Elasticity theory for two dimensional systems at finite temperatures — •Johannes Häring and Matthias Fuchs
12:00 DS 12.10 Ab Initio Study of the Electronic and Optical Properties of Organic-Inorganic two-dimensional Perovskites: The Role of Many-Body Effects — •Maurizia Palummo and Giacomo Giorgi
12:15 DS 12.11 Band structure engineered layered metals for low-loss plasmonics — •Morten Gjerding
12:30 DS 12.12 Influence of Hansen solubility parameters on a shear exfoliation process of organophilic layered silica in chloroform — •Michael Huth, Jonas Köhling, and Veit Wagner
12:45 DS 12.13 Theoretical description of photoemission spectroscopy of van der Waals structures — •Bruno Amorim
13:00 DS 12.14 Manipulating the Mechanical Properties of Ti2C MXene: Effect of Substitutional Doping — •Poulami Chakraborty, Tilak Das, Dhani Nafday, Lilia Boeri, and Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
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