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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 15: Focussed Session: Geometry- and Topology-Controlled Nanoarchitectures I

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 09:30–13:15, EW 015

Study of topological matter is one of the fascinating main roads of modern physics. The realm of topological matter can be conventionally subdivided in two categories. First, non-trivial topology occurs due to a special geometry of structures or fields in real space, e.g., quantum rings, Möbius rings, multi-terminal Josephson junctions, Skyrmions. Second, topologically protected surface/edge states governed by Dirac physics and/or topologically nontrivial electronic structure in the momentum space underlie Quantum Hall effect, topological insulators, superconductors, semimetals. An interplay between those two realms is the subject of the proposed Focus Session.

Organizers: Paul M. Koenraad (TU Eindhoven) and Vladimir M. Fomin (IFW Dresden)

09:30 HL 15.1 Field-induced quantum rings in cone-shell GaAs quantum dots — •Christian Heyn, Achim Küster, Michael Zocher, and Wolfgang Hansen
09:45 HL 15.2 Magnetism in curved geometries — •Denys Makarov
10:00 HL 15.3 Observation of Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in core-shell nanowire crystal-phase quantum ringsPierre Corfdir, •Oliver Marquardt, Ryan B. Lewis, Chiara Sinito, Manfred Ramsteiner, Achim Trampert, Uwe Jahn, Lutz Geelhaar, Oliver Brandt, and Vladimir M. Fomin
10:15 HL 15.4 Microwave-stimulated superconductivity in Nb thin films — •Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy, Roland Sachser, Michael Huth, Antonio Lara, Farkhad G. Aliev, Valerij A. Shklovskij, Alexei I. Bezuglyj, and Ruslan V. Vovk
10:30 HL 15.5 Andreev levels as a quantum dissipative environmentArtem Galaktionov, •Dmitry Golubev, and Andrei Zaikin
10:45 HL 15.6 Non-equilibrium φ0-junction-like behavior of multi-terminal Andreev interferometersPavel Dolgirev, Mikhail Kalenkov, and •Andrei Zaikin
  11:15 15 min. break.
11:30 HL 15.7 Voltage tuning of exciton topology and g-factor in type-II InAs/GaAsSb quantum dots — •Benito Alén, José M. Llorens, Edson R. Cardozo de Oliveira, Lukasz Wevior, Vivaldo Lopes-Oliveira, Victor López-Richard, José M. Ulloa, Marcio D. Teodoro, Gilmar E. Marques, Alberto García-Cristóbal, and Guo-Quiang Hai
  11:45 HL 15.8 The contribution has been withdrawn.
12:00 HL 15.9 Topologically Distinct Semiconductor Nanostructures by Droplet Epitaxy — •Stefano Sanguinetti, Francesco Biccari, Sergio Bietti, Anna Vinattieri, Alexey Fedorov, and Massimo Gurioli
12:15 HL 15.10 Optical geometric phase in Möbius ring and asymmetric microtube cavities — •Libo Ma
12:30 HL 15.11 Artificial magnetoelectric materials with curvilinear helimagnets — •Oleksii Volkov, Jürgen Faßbender, and Denys Makarov
12:45 HL 15.12 Nano-SQUIDs with controllable weak links via electromigrationWout Keijers, Xavier D.A. Baumans, Ritika Panghotra, Jospeh Lombardo, Vyacheslav S. Zharinov, Alejandro V. Silhanek, and •Joris Van de Vondel
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