Berlin 2018 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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TUT: Tutorials

TUT 3: Spin-Orbit Coupling

Sonntag, 11. März 2018, 16:00–18:15, H 1012

The last decade of research in solid state physics has been marked by the realisation that the spin-orbit interaction can have a very important impact on the electronic properties of materials as diverse as semiconductors, magnets, and superconductors. The peculiar role of spin-orbit coupling is at the basis of many exotic electronic states in condensed matter, such as the spin-Hall insulator, topologically protected states, or topological superconductivity. It is also at the basis of booming research into possible novel applications in the realm of (spin-)electronics. Therefore, the thorough understanding of spin-orbit coupling and its possible effects should be an essential ingredient of the intellectual luggage of any student of solid state physics. It is the purpose of this tutorial to review some of the main ideas at hand.

Organizer: Kees van der Beek (Paris), Chair of the EPS Condensed Matter Division

16:00 TUT 3.1 Tutorium: Role of spin in the structure of matter and spin-related phenomena — •Michel I. Dyakonov
16:45 TUT 3.2 Tutorium: From the Spin Hall Effect to the Quantum Spin Hall Effect — •Hartmut Buhmann
17:30 TUT 3.3 Tutorium: Spin Orbit Coupling in Doped Mott Insulators — •Alessandra Lanzara
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