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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 25: Poster Session I

Dienstag, 6. März 2018, 16:15–18:15, Redoutensaal

16:15 A 25.1 The tunneling time, a theoretical model for real tunneling time and the attosecond experimental results. — •Ossama Kullie
16:15 A 25.2 Near L-edge single and multiple photoionization of singly charged iron ions — •Stefan Schippers, Michael Martins, Randolf Beerwerth, Sadia Bari, Kristof Holste, Kaja Schubert, Jens Viefhaus, Daniel Wolf Savin, Stephan Fritzsche, and Alfred Müller
16:15 A 25.3 Condensation effects and interatomic processes in noble gases investigated by cathodoluminescence — •Catmarna Küstner-Wetekam, Andreas Hans, Xaver Holzapfel, Philipp Schmidt, Christian Ozga, Gregor Hartmann, Arno Ehresmann, and André Knie
16:15 A 25.4 A grazing-incidence 4-quadrant split-mirror setup for multidimensional spectroscopy experiments in the XUV — •Carina da Costa Castanheira, Marc Rebholz, Thomas Ding, Lennart Aufleger, Patrick Rupprecht, Paul Birk, Christian Ott, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:15 A 25.5 Attosecond Time Delays in Photoionization of Noble Gas and Halogen Atoms — •Liang-Wen Pi and Alexandra S. Landsman
16:15 A 25.6 Strong-field assisted VUV amplification in doped helium droplets — •Andreas Rubisch, Ulf Saalmann, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:15 A 25.7 Tracing the molecular potential energy landscape on rovibronic emission maps of molecular hydrogen — •Philipp Schmidt, Andreas Hans, Christian Ozga, Arno Ehresmann, and André Knie
16:15 A 25.8 Design of a Thomson Ion Streak Spectrometer for the European-XFELBurkhard Langer, Felix Gerke, Egill Antonsson, and •Eckart Rühl
16:15 A 25.9 Electronic bridge for the x-ray Mössbauer transition in 57Fe — •Pavlo Bilous and Adriana Pálffy
  16:15 A 25.10 The contribution has been withdrawn.
16:15 A 25.11 Direct two-electron ejection from F by a single photon — •Alfred Müller, Alexander Borovik Jr., Sadia Bari, Ticia Buhr, Kristof Holste, Michael Martins, Alexander Perry-Sassmannshausen, Ronald Phaneuf, Simon Reinwardt, Sandor Ricz, Kaja Schubert, and Stefan Schippers
16:15 A 25.12 A non-linear mapping from photo-electron spectra to pulse shape — •Sajal Kumar Giri, Ulf Saalmann, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:15 A 25.13 Transitions above (and near) the ionisation threshold — •Anne Harth, Robert Moshammer, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:15 A 25.14 Disentangling the photodissociation pathways of small lead clusters by time-resolved monitoring of their delayed decays: The case of Pb31+ — •Markus Wolfram, Stephan König, Steffi Bandelow, Paul Fischer, Alexander Jankowski, Gerrit Marx, and Lutz Schweikhard
16:15 A 25.15 Laser-nucleus interactions with nucleon emission — •Sergei Kobzak, Hans Weidenmüller, and Adriana Pálffy
16:15 A 25.16 Attosecond streaking with twisted X waves — •Birger Böning, Willi Paufler, and Stephan Fritzsche
16:15 A 25.17 Radical increase of the parametric X-ray intensity under condition of extremely asymmetric diffraction — •Oleg D Skoromnik, Vladimir G Baryshevsky, Alexander P Ulyanenkov, and Ilya D Feranchuk
16:15 A 25.18 Correlation method for velocity map imaging and time of flight techniques for electrons and ions in helium nanodroplets. — •cristian medina, dominik schomas, nicolas rendler, robert moshammer, thomas pfeifer, and marcel mudrich
16:15 A 25.19 The role of laser dressed bands in the strong field dynamics of dielectrics — •Lukas Medišauskas, Ulf Saalmann, and Jan-Michael Rost
16:15 A 25.20 K-shell photoionoization of Silicon ions — •Ticia Buhr, Alexander Perry-Sassmannshausen, Simon Reinwardt, Sandor Ricz, Michael Martins, Alfred Müller, and Stefan Schippers
16:15 A 25.21 Multiple ionization of Ne+ ions by photoabsorption near the K edgeAlfred Müller, Dietrich Bernhardt, Alexander Borovik Jr., •Ticia Buhr, Jonas Hellhund, Kristof Holste, A. L. David Kilcoyne, Stephan Klumpp, Michael Martins, Sandor Ricz, Jörn Seltmann, Jens Viefhaus, and Stefan Schippers
16:15 A 25.22 Imaging Charge Distribution in Time with XUV photoelectrons — •Abraham Camacho Garibay, Hyunwook Park, and Louis DiMauro
16:15 A 25.23 Time-resolved X-ray Imaging of Anisotropic Nanoplasma Expansion — •Christian Peltz, Christoph Bostedt, Mathias Kling, Thomas Brabec, Eckart Rühl, Artem Rudenko, Tais Gorkhover, and Thomas Fennel
16:15 A 25.24 Strong field ionization with Bessel pulses — •Willi Paufler, Birger Böning, and Stephan Fritzsche
16:15 A 25.25 Attosecond time-resolved photoelectron holographyGil Porat, Gideon Alon, Shaked Rozen, Oren Pedatzur, •Michael Krüger, Adi Natan, Barry D. Bruner, Marc J. J. Vrakking, and Nirit Dudovich
16:15 A 25.26 Accurate modeling of Auger cascades and its applications — •Sebastian Stock, Randolf Beerwerth, and Stephan Fritzsche
16:15 A 25.27 A source for helium droplets and liquid jets for time-resolved diffractive imaging experiments with high-harmonic pulses — •Katharina Kolatzki, Nils Monserud, Arnaud Rouzée, Mario Sauppe, Bernd Schütte, Julian Zimmermann, Thomas Möller, Marc J.J. Vrakking, and Daniela Rupp
16:15 A 25.28 Manipulating single photon propagation through alkali vapour cells — •Lea Kopf, Hüseyin Vural, Simone Luca Portalupi, Julian Maisch, Simon Kern, Jonas Weber, Michael Jetter, Ilja Gerhardt, Peter Michler, and Robert Löw
16:15 A 25.29 Modular He nanodroplet source for the SQS end station at the European XFEL — •Fabian Seel, Anatoli Ulmer, Bruno Langbehn, Daniela Rupp, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, and Thomas Möller
16:15 A 25.30 Transient absorption spectroscopy of the ionization continuum of argon — •Paul Birk, Veit Stooss, Maximilian Hartmann, Alexander Blättermann, Christian Ott, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:15 A 25.31 Single shot velocity map imaging of electrons from dopand-induced helium nanoplasmas in strong near-infrared laser pulses. — •Nicolas Rendler, Dominik Schomas, Cristian Medina, Robert Moshammer, Thomas Pfeifer, Andreas Heidenreich, and Marcel Mudrich
16:15 A 25.32 Electron dynamics in Helium and Neon driven by intense XUV radiation — •Alexander Magunia, Lennart Aufleger, T. Ding, M. Rebholz, M. Hartmann, V. Stooß, P. Rupprecht, D. Wachs, C. da Costa Castanheira, Z. H. Loh, A. Attar, S. Düsterer, G. Brenner, R. Treusch, Christian Ott, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:15 A 25.33 Diffractive imaging of a xenon nanoplasma with pnCCDs — •Timo Dörries, Daniela Rupp, Thomas Möller, Mario Sauppe, Maria Müller, Anatoli Ulmer, Bruno Langbehn, Jan Philippe Müller, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Benjamin Erk, Jonathan Correa, and Robert Hartmann
16:15 A 25.34 Time resolved coincidence measurements of interatomic Coulombic decays — •Sophie Walther, Anastasios Dimitriou, Till Jahnke, Markus Pfau, Martin Ranke, and Ulrike Frühling
16:15 A 25.35 Ionisation dynamics of mixed Xe/Kr clusters in intense laser pulses — •Thomas Menz, Bruno Langbehn, Patrick Behrens, Linos Hecht, Anatoli Ulmer, Benjamin Erk, Laurent Mercadier, Daniela Rupp, and Thomas Möller
16:15 A 25.36 Investigations of Kramers-Henneberger atoms in alkali metals via tailored light fields — •Christoph Jusko, Slawomir Skruszewicz, Danilo Zille, Gerhard G. Paulus, and Milutin Kovacev
16:15 A 25.37 Coulomb rescattering and the ionization enhancement around the twice pondermotive energy — •P. L. He, K. Z. Hatsagortsyan, and C. H. Keitel
16:15 A 25.38 Automated re-establishment of the spatial overlap in XUV/XUV pump-probe experiments in the focus of CAMP at FLASH — •Nils Bernhardt, Mario Sauppe, Cédric Bomme, Stefan Düsterer, Benjamin Erk, Torsten Feigl, Erland Müller, Jan P. Müller, Christopher Passow, Daniel Ramm, Daniel Rolles, Dimitrios Rompotis, Rolf Treusch, Holger Weigelt, Jannis Zimbalski, Thomas Möller, and Daniela Rupp
16:15 A 25.39 Characterizing the structure of pulsed rare gas cluster and helium nanodroplet sources — •Patrick Behrens, Bruno Langbehn, Fabian Seel, Anatoli Ulmer, Daniela Rupp, and Thomas Möller
16:15 A 25.40 X-ray and XUV Fourier holography of free-flying nanoparticles — •A Ulmer, J Bielecki, L Flückiger, A Al Haddad, F Benzi, J Correa, T Ekeberg, B Erk, L Hecht, A Heilrath, M Hantke, O Kulyk, B Langbehn, D Larsson, I Lundholm, T Osipov, C Passow, D Rompotis, D Rupp, J Sellberg, G van der Schot, P Walter, L Young, F Zimmermann, F Maia, J Hajdu, T Möller, C Bostedt, and T Gorkhover
16:15 A 25.41 Laser Infrastructure for Multi-Dimensional Spectroscopy from XUV to Mid-IR — •Patrick Rupprecht, Lennart Aufleger, Thomas Ding, Marc Rebholz, Carina da Costa Castanheira, Stephan Goerttler, Alexander Magunia, Christian Ott, and Thomas Pfeifer
16:15 A 25.42 Grazing-Incidence XUV Split-Delay Unit for the FLASH2 Reaction Microscope — •Florian Trost, Kirsten Schnorr, Sven Augustin, Georg Schmid, Severin Meister, Hannes Lindenblatt, Yifan Liu, Thomas Wodzinski, Barbara Keitel, Elke Ploenjes-Palm, Markus Braune, Marion Kuhlmann, Stefan Düsterer, Rolf Treusch, Thomas Pfeifer, Claus Dieter Schröter, and Robert Moshammer
16:15 A 25.43 Strong Field Ionization of the H atom in bi-circular fields — •Philipp M. Stammer, Felipe Morales, Olga Smirnova, and Misha Ivanov
16:15 A 25.44 Reaction Microscope Endstation at FLASH2 — •Hannes Lindenblatt, Kirsten Schnorr, Sven Augustin, Georg Schmid, Severin Meister, Florian Trost, Yifan Liu, Markus Braune, Rolf Treusch, Claus-Dieter Schröter, Thomas Pfeifer, and Robert Moshammer
16:15 A 25.45 Two photon double ionization in Neon — •Severin Meister, Kirsten Schnorr, Sven Augustin, Georg Schmid, Hannes Lindenblatt, Florian Trost, Markus Braune, Robert Moshammer, and Thomas Pfeifer2
16:15 A 25.46 Fragmentation Dynamics of Argon Dimers and Multi-Photon Ionization of Atomic Argon Studied by XUV-IR Experiments at FLASH — •Georg Schmid, Kirsten Schnorr, Sven Augustin, Hannes Lindenblatt, Severin Meister, Thomas Ding, Yifan Liu, Kamal P. Singh, Mathieu Gisselbrecht, Harald Redlin, Stefan Düsterer, Rolf Treusch, Claus-Dieter Schröter, Thomas Pfeifer, and Robert Moshammer
16:15 A 25.47 Strong-field induced nuclear dynamics in C60 traced via time-resolved X-ray scattering at LCLS — •Sven Augustin, Kirsten Schnorr, Georg Schmid, Hannes Lindenblatt, Robert Moshammer, Arnaud Rouzée, Marc Vrakking, Claus-Peter Schulz, and Thomas Pfeifer for the ImagingC60@LCLS collaboration
16:15 A 25.48 The signature of electron correlation in HHG spectra from a He atom — •Julius Rapp and Dieter Bauer
16:15 A 25.49 Determination of the mean cluster size and evolution of excitonic valence states by fluorescence from homogenous Ne, Ar and Kr clusters — •Xaver Holzapfel, Andreas Hans, Gregor Hartmann, Christian Ozga, Philipp Schmidt, Philipp Reiß, Arno Ehresmann, and André Knie
16:15 A 25.50 A molecular movie of Interatomic Coulombic Decay in NeKr — •Florian Trinter, Tsveta Miteva, Miriam Weller, Sebastian Albrecht, Alexander Hartung, Martin Richter, Joshua Williams, Averell Gatton, Bishwanath Gaire, Thorsten Weber, James Sartor, Allen Landers, Ben Berry, Vasili Stumpf, Kirill Gokhberg, Reinhard Dörner, and Till Jahnke
16:15 A 25.51 Fast and high-fidelity motional control of trapped ions — •Jan-Philipp Schröder, Matthias Wittemer, Frederick Hakelberg, Henning Kalis, Manuel Mielenz, Govinda Clos, Ulrich Warring, and Tobias Schaetz
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