Erlangen 2018 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 13: Posters 1: Ultrafast Spectroscopy

MO 13.4: Poster

Dienstag, 6. März 2018, 16:15–18:15, Orangerie

Photophysics of molecular systems studied by THz emission spectroscopy — •Philipp Krauspe and Natalie Banerji — University of Bern Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Freiestrasse 3, 3012 Bern

Terahertz Emission Spectroscopy (TES) is a versatile technique to monitor ultrafast processes in material systems such as Dichalcogenides, Perovskites, Semiconductors or organic semiconductors which are the focus of this work. With TES we can monitor ultrafast electronic processes through the emission of photons in the THz frequency range. Therefore we subject the material system to an external bias field and excite it with an ultrashort light pulse (35 fs).

Electric field sensitive species within the material are accelerated by the bias field and thus create the THz waveform which is subsequently probed with electro-optic sampling (EOS).

In contrast to optical pump THz probe spectroscopy the time resolution in TES is not limited by the duration of the THz probe pulse but by the gating pulse in the EOS. We use this advantage to resolve the charge generation mechanisms on a sub picosecond timescale.

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