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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 82: Flavor-Tagging, Jet-Kalibration

Donnerstag, 28. März 2019, 16:00–18:30, S09

16:00 T 82.1 Flavour tagging developments at LHCbAlex Birnkraut, •Quentin Führing, and Kevin Heinicke
16:15 T 82.2 Overview of b-tagging and its calibration in the ATLAS collaboration — •Matthieu Robin
16:30 T 82.3 Track finding algorithm for the BelleII detector — •Thomas Lueck
16:45 T 82.4 Jet Residual Correction at CMS with data collected during 2017 — •Christoph Garbers, Anastasia Karavdina, Jens Multhaup, Arne Reinmers, and Peter Schleper
17:00 T 82.5 Double-b-tagging calibration in gbb events with the ATLAS experiment — •Ruth Jacobs, Tatjana Lenz, and Norbert Wermes
17:15 T 82.6 Kalibration der Jetenergieskala von anti-kT Jets mit Radiusparametern von 0,2 oder 0,6 am ATLAS-Detektor — •Lars Henkelmann und Oleg Brandt
17:30 T 82.7 Tau Identification Efficiency Scale Factor Measurement using the Z→ττ Tag & Probe method at ATLAS — •Lino Gerlach, Michel Janus, and Stan Lai
17:45 T 82.8 Energy Reconstruction with Software Compensation Techniques in a highly granular Scintillator - Tungsten Hadronic Calorimeter — •Christian Winter and Frank Simon for the CALICE-D collaboration
18:00 T 82.9 The Track Classification Tool and the implementation of a new b-tagging algorithm for ATLASCarlo A. Gottardo, Sebastian Heer, Vadim Kostyukhin, •Ö. Oğul Öncel, Keshava Prasad, Andrea Sciandra, and Markus Cristinziani
18:15 T 82.10 Multivariate classification of charged particle tracks for an improved b-tagging performance with the ATLAS detector — •Maximilian Klinke, Dominik Duda, Oliver Kortner, and Sandra Kortner
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