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FM: Fall Meeting

FM 52: Entanglement: Transport

FM 52.2: Talk

Mittwoch, 25. September 2019, 14:30–14:45, 1009

Quantum-correlated photons generated by non-local electron transport — •Felicitas Hellbach1, Wolfgang Belzig1, Fabian Pauly2,1, and Gianluca Rastelli11Physik, Universität Konstanz, D-78457 Konstanz — 2OIST Graduate University, Onna-son, Okinawa 904-0395, Japan

Since the realization of high-quality superconducting microwave cavities, one can envisage the possibility to investigate the coherent interaction of light and matter [1]. We study a parallel double quantum dot device operating as single-electron splitter interferometer, with each dot linearly coupled to a local photon cavity. We explore how quantum correlation and entanglement between the two cavities is generated by the coherent transport of a single electron passing simultaneous through the two different dots. We calculate the covariance of the cavity occupations by use of a diagrammatic perturbative expansion (Keldysh Green’s functions) to the fourth order in the dot-cavity interaction strength, taking into account vertex diagrams. In this way, we demonstrate the creation of entanglement by showing that the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality can be violated.

[1] C. Wang et al. Science 352, 1087-1091 (2016),

A. Stockklauser et. al., Phys. Rev. X 7, 011030 (2017),

X. Mi et al., Science 355, 156-158 (2017),

J. J. Viennot et. al., Science 349, 408-411 (2015).

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