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FM: Fall Meeting

FM 80: Enabling Technologies: Cavity QED

FM 80.4: Talk

Donnerstag, 26. September 2019, 15:00–15:15, 2006

Optimized cavity-mediated dispersive two-qubit gates between spin qubits — •Mónica Benito1, Jason Petta2, and Guido Burkard11University of Konstanz — 2Princeton University

The recent realization of a coherent interface between a single electron in a silicon quantum dot and a single photon trapped in a superconducting cavity opens the way for implementing photon- mediated two-qubit entangling gates. In order to couple a spin to the cavity electric field some type of spin-charge hybridization is needed, which impacts spin control and coherence. In this work we propose a cavity-mediated two-qubit gate and calculate cavity-mediated entangling gate fidelities in the dispersive regime, accounting for errors due to the spin-charge hybridization, as well as photon- and phonon-induced decays. By optimizing the degree of spin-charge hybridization, we show that two-qubit gates mediated by cavity photons are capable of reaching fidelities exceeding 90% in present-day device architectures. High iSWAP gate fidelities are achievable even in the presence of charge noise at the level of 2 µeV.
[1] M. Benito, J. R. Petta, and G. Burkard, arXiv:1902.07649.

[2] M. Benito, X. Croot, C. Adelsberger, S. Putz, X. Mi, J. R. Petta, and G. Burkard, arXiv:1904.13117.

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