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GR: Fachverband Gravitation und Relativitätstheorie

GR 17: Alternative Approaches

GR 17.3: Vortrag

Freitag, 22. März 2019, 12:00–12:15, HS 5

Derivation of the Sommerfeld Fine-Structure-Constant (α) — •Manfred Geilhnaupt — University of Applied Sciences MG

Sommerfeld introduced the Fine-Structure-Constant (α) in 1916 by definition while combining fundamental constants (h, c, e) to come up with that number. But here is the way how to derive the FSC from Theory. Use Einstein*s Field Equation from General Relativity and you can first derive the restmass of the electron by solving the corresponding *1.Equation of Motion* and a 2.Equation of Motion yield the charge of the electron. For that step assume an electron*s (virtual and local) center of mass (point) to be at rest while applying the common Principles of Physics (1. and 2. Law of Thermodynamics) to find a solution r(t). The solution r(t), unit meter, reveals an internal action of motion of (non-local but dynamic) space-structure while only the virtual center of *mass* is assumed at rest. So we can interpret r(t) to be a *Mass-Generating-Function* - solving the Differential Equation. The complete solution is a combination of two independent ones. One solution leads to the effective value RG: we call it *Point-Like-Radius* (to be introduced into the following Newton-Schwarzschild-Einstein-Equation: c^2=G*me/(2alpha*RG)). The other solution gives the effective value rG: we call it *Wave-Like-Radius* (to be introduced into the Planck-Compton-Einstein-Equation: h=2pi*2rG*me*c). And now to the focus of this presentation: How to derive the FSC from GR+TD the combination of two Principle Theories. Both derivations of restmass and charge reveal a dependence on the Fine Structure Constant (α). (Experiment Webb. et al. 2011 meets GR+TD!)

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