Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 3: Molecular Electronics and Excited State Properties

Montag, 1. April 2019, 09:30–13:00, H13

09:30 CPP 3.1 Hauptvortrag: Tailoring the Excited State Energy Landscape in Supramolecular Nanostructures — •Richard Hildner
10:00 CPP 3.2 Controlling H- and J-type electronic coupling in single deterministic conjugated polymer aggregates — •Theresa Eder, Christoph Allolio, Dominik Horinek, Sigurd Höger, Jan Vogelsang, and John M. Lupton
10:15 CPP 3.3 Controlling Exciton Dynamics in Tetracene-Derivatives by Covalent Bounding of Two Chromophores — •Maximilian Frank, Ulrich Müller, Lena Roos, Anke Krueger, and Jens Pflaum
10:30 CPP 3.4 Ultrafast excited state relaxation monitored by single molecule photon statistics — •Jakob Schedlbauer, Philipp Wilhelm, Maria-Elisabeth Federl, Florian Hinderer, Sigurd Höger, Lennart Grabenhorst, Phillip Tinnefeld, Jan Vogelsang, Sebastian Bange, and John M. Lupton
10:45 CPP 3.5 Simultaneous Singlet-Singlet and Triplet-Singlet Förster Transfer — •Anton Kirch, Max Gmelch, and Sebastian Reineke
11:00 CPP 3.6 Polarized absorbance and Davydov splitting in bulk and thin-film pentacene polymorphs — •Caterina Cocchi, Tobias Breuer, Gregor Witte, and Claudia Draxl
  11:15 15 min. break
11:30 CPP 3.7 Temperature Dependent Photoluminescence Studies on Zinc Phthalocyanine Single Crystals — •Larissa Lazarov, Sebastian Hammer, and Jens Pflaum
11:45 CPP 3.8 Programmable transparent organic luminescent tags — •Max Gmelch, Heidi Thomas, Felix Fries, and Sebastian Reineke
12:00 CPP 3.9 Absence of Charge Transfer States at Crystalline Perfluoropentacene/Pentacene Interfaces — •Sebastian Hammer, Clemens Zeiser, Katharina Broch, and Jens Pflaum
12:15 CPP 3.10 Interplay between intra- and inter-molecular charge transfer in the optical excitations of J-aggregates — •Michele Guerrini, Caterina Cocchi, Arrigo Calzolari, Daniele Varsano, and Stefano Corni
12:30 CPP 3.11 Differentiation between the optical signatures of aggregates and of isolated chains in doped P3HT solutions — •Ahmed E. Mansour, Dominique Lungwitz, Thorsten Schultz, Andreas Opitz, and Norbert Koch
12:45 CPP 3.12 What is the impact of the donor length on the electronic and optical properties of charge-transfer complexes? — •Ana M Valencia and Caterina Cocchi
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