Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DS: Fachverband Dünne Schichten

DS 19: Focus Session: Direct-Write Nanofabrication and Applications II
(Electron Beam Induced Processing) (joint session DS/TT)

DS 19.1: Hauptvortrag

Mittwoch, 3. April 2019, 15:00–15:30, H32

Fabrication of functional nanostructures by electron and ion beams — •Milos Toth — University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Focused electron and ion beams can be used to restructure/mill materials and initiate surface reactions supplied by gas-phase precursor molecules. The chemical reactions give rise to processes that fall into two broad categories: direct-write lithography and emergent phenomena. The latter include topographic surface patterns defined by the crystal symmetry of the sample and chemical structure of a precursor gas, and self-assembly of complex 3D nanostructures. Here I will review the underlying mechanisms, and applications of the techniques to materials used in optoelectronics, plasmonics and quantum photonics. Specific applications include the fabrication and iterative editing/tuning of plasmonic nanostructures and dielectric optical cavities, site-selective electron beam induced fluorination of surfaces, fabrication of isolated colour centres that act as on-demand single-photon-emitters in 2D hBN, and dynamic SEM studies of the degradation of phosphorene in which an electron beam is used to simultaneously initiate chemical reactions and to image propagating reaction fronts. These applications demonstrate the benefits and shortcomings of ion beam and electron beam techniques in terms resolution, throughput and damage imparted to functional materials by beams comprised of electrons, and Ga, Xe, O and He ions.

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