Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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KFM: Fachverband Kristalline Festkörper und deren Mikrostruktur

KFM 14: Postersession KFM

KFM 14.25: Poster

Mittwoch, 3. April 2019, 16:00–18:30, Poster C

Time-resolved multicolor emission of harmonic nanoparticles via nonlinear frequency mixing — •Jan Klenen1, Christian Kijatkin1,2, Bjoern Bourdon1,2, and Mirco Imlau1,21Department of Physics, Osnabrück University, Germany — 2Center for Cellular Nanoanalytics, Osnabrück University, Germany

Harmonic nanoparticles (HNPs) attract growing interest owing to their unique nonlinear optical (NLO) properties such as loosened phase-matching conditions. Motivated by applications in the fields of multiphoton microscopy and holography, thorough investigations on harmonic generation have been sparked. Nevertheless, reports on three-wave mixing processes in HNPs are scarce, especially with respect to temporal evolution, even though this approach may pave the way towards ultrafast sub-ps time-resolved microscopy and fluorescence upconversion spectroscopy (FLUPS). Using two nondegenerate femtosecond pulses, transient nonlinear frequency mixing (FM) processes are studied comprehensively in nanoscaled lithium niobate powder plaques and thin particle layers using NLO diffuse reflectometry [C. Kijatkin et al., Photonics 2017, 4(1), 11]. A particular focus is given to the spectrotemporal analysis of multicolor emission exceeding the visible spectral range. Further assessment is performed in regard to FLUPS through upconversion of a picosecond pulse in order to test the viability of HNP powders as an alternative to crystalline media as a flexible material for different scalings and wavelengths. Financial support (DFG INST 190/165-1 FUGG) is gratefully acknowledged.

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