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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 54: Axion like particles I

Mittwoch, 1. April 2020, 16:30–19:00, H-HS XV

16:30 T 54.1 Power boost optimisation for the MADMAX dielectric haloscope — •Lolian Shtembari for the MADMAX collaboration
16:45 T 54.2 Development of components for the MADMAX prototype booster system — •Christoph Krieger for the MADMAX collaboration
17:00 T 54.3 Search for Axion-Like Particles at BESIII — •Julian Walter, Achim Denig, and Christoph Florian Redmer for the BESIII collaboration
17:15 T 54.4 Search for Axion-Like Particles in early Belle II data — •Michael De Nuccio for the Belle II collaboration
17:30 T 54.5 A Ray Tracer for Axions at CASTKlaus Desch, •Johanna von Oy, Jochen Kaminski, Sebastian Schmidt, Tobias Schiffer, and Arshia Ruina
17:45 T 54.6 KWISP - Hunting Chameleons at the CAST Experiment at CERN — •Justin Baier, Horst Fischer, and Marc Schumann
18:00 T 54.7 Method to search for axion-like particles (ALPs) in storage rings, demonstrated at COSY — •Swathi Karanth for the JEDI collaboration
18:15 T 54.8 A Two-Higgs-Doublet Variant of the Standard*Model*Axion *Seesaw*Higgs-Portal-Inflation Model — •Michael Matlis and Andreas Ringwald
18:30 T 54.9 The search for axion-like particles within A2 — •Daniel Maurer, Achim Denig, and Lena Heijkenskjöld for the A2 collaboration
18:45 T 54.10 Searching for ALPs in light-by-light scattering in pp collisions using AFP proton tagging with the ATLAS detector — •Patrick Odagiu and André Sopczak
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