Dresden 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Hinweis: Programmaktualisierungen erscheinen auf dem Schwarzen Brett und im persönlichen Programm. Diese statische PDF Version vom 29.01.2020 entspricht inhaltlich der Druckfassung.

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TUT:   Tutorials
SYSD:   Symposium SKM Dissertation Prize 2020
SYAS:   Symposium Attosecond and coherent spins: New frontiers
SYBD:   Symposium Big data driven materials science
SYCE:   Symposium Climate and energy: Challenges and options from a physics perspective
SYCL:   Symposium Curvilinear condensed matter
SYDW:   Symposium Dynamical wetting of flexible, adaptive and switchable surfaces
SYED:   Symposium Electron-driven processes: Atomic-scale insights from theory and experiment
SYES:   Symposium Spain as Guest of Honor
SYNC:   Symposium Advanced neuromorphic computing hardware: Towards efficient machine learning
SYWH:   Symposium Physics of van der Waals 2D heterostructures
BP:   Biological Physics Division
CPP:   Chemical and Polymer Physics Division
DS:   Thin Films Division
DY:   Dynamics and Statistical Physics Division
HL:   Semiconductor Physics Division
KFM:   Crystalline Solids and their Microstructure Division
MA:   Magnetism Division
MM:   Metal and Material Physics Division
O:   Surface Science Division
SOE:   Physics of Socio-economic Systems Division
TT:   Low Temperature Physics Division
VA:   Vacuum Science and Technology Division
UP:   Environmental Physics Division
AKBP:   Working Group on Accelerator physics
AKC:   Working Group on Equal Opportunities
AKE:   Working Group on Energy
AIW:   Working Group on Industry and Business
AKjDPG:   Working Group "Young DPG"
AKPIK:   Working Group on Physics, Modern IT and Artificial Intelligence
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