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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 16: Charged Soft Matter - organized by Joachim Dzubiella (Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg, Freiburg)

Mittwoch, 24. März 2021, 09:00–15:20, CPPa

09:00 CPP 16.1 Hauptvortrag: Charging Dynamics and Structure of Ionic Liquids in Nanoporous Supercapacitors — •Christian Holm, Konrad Breitsprecher, and Svyatoslav Kondrat
09:40 CPP 16.2 Structure and Relaxation Dynamics of an Ionic Liquid in Molecular Scale Confinement. — •Markus Mezger, Henning Weiss, Julian Mars, Hsiu-Wei Cheng, Markus Valtiner, and Veijo Honkimaeki
10:00 CPP 16.3 Hydrogen Bonding and Charge Transport in a Protic Polymerized Ionic Liquid — •Arthur Markus Anton, Falk Frenzel, Jiayin Yuan, Martin Tress, and Friedrich Kremer
  10:20 40 min. meet the speakers - break
11:00 CPP 16.4 Hauptvortrag: Interaction of polyelectrolytes with proteins — •Matthias Ballauff
11:40 CPP 16.5 Identifying Mg2+ binding sites on RNA using MD simulations with accelerating force field parameters — •Kara K. Grotz, Sergio Cruz-León, and Nadine Schwierz
12:00 CPP 16.6 Thermodynamics of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation: Isothermal Titration Calorimetry of Hyaluronic Acid-Chitosan CoacervatesFatma Akcay Ogur and •A. Basak Kayitmazer
12:20 CPP 16.7 The effects of ethanol and salt on the phase behavior and interactions of aqueous protein solutionsRajeevann Uthayakumar, •Florian Platten, and Stefan U. Egelhaaf
12:40 CPP 16.8 Surface morphology of polyelectrolyte multilayer films with short PSS chains in water and air. Determining the surface elasticity of nanofilms — •Amir Azinfar, Sven Neuber, Jiří Vaněček, Marie Vancová, Jan Sterba, Vítězslav Straňák, and Christiane A. Helm
  13:00 60 min. meet the speakers - break
14:00 CPP 16.9 Ion Correlations in Polymer Electrolyte-Ionic Liquid Mixtures — •Diddo Diddens and Andreas Heuer
14:20 CPP 16.10 Local dynamics of ionic liquids studied by 2H NMR — •Elisa Steinrücken, Manuel Becher, and Michael Vogel
14:40 CPP 16.11 Chain length dependent structure and dynamics of imidazolium based ionic liquids mixtures with water. — •Sebastian Kloth and Michael Vogel
15:00 CPP 16.12 Correlation Length in Concentrated Electrolytes: Insights from All-Atom Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSamuel W. Coles, •Chanbum Park, Rohit Nikam, Matej Kanduč, Joachim Dzubiella, and Benjamin Rotenberg
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