Dortmund 2021 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 42: Neutrino astronomy II

Dienstag, 16. März 2021, 16:00–18:30, Tq

16:00 T 42.1 Muon Deflection Angle Study with IceCube — •Pascal Gutjahr, Mirco Hünnefeld, and Wolfgang Rhode
16:15 T 42.2 Studies of systematic uncertainty effects on IceCube's real-time angular uncertainty — •Cristina Lagunas Gualda for the IceCube collaboration
16:30 T 42.3 Precision self-monitoring calibration module for the IceCube Upgrade — •Tobias Pertl and Felix Henningsen
16:45 T 42.4 Redesigning the IceCube processing pipeline with deep learning — •Christian Haack and Theo Glauch for the IceCube collaboration
17:00 T 42.5 Machine Learning-based Cascade Event Selection for IceCube — •Mirco Hünnefeld for the IceCube collaboration
17:15 T 42.6 Unfolding the neutrino energy spectrum from three years of IceCube data — •Leonora Kardum
17:30 T 42.7 Perspectives of a Global Fit of IceCube’s Astrophysical Neutrino Data — •Erik Ganster, Jakob Böttcher, Philipp Fürst, Christian Haack, Jöran Stettner, and Christopher Wiebusch for the IceCube collaboration
17:45 T 42.8 Neutrino-blazar correlations: Striving for the big picture — •Martina Karl and Matthias Huber for the IceCube collaboration
18:00 T 42.9 The followup of IceCube alerts: Search for high-energetic neutrino sources — •Anna Schubert and Martina Karl for the IceCube collaboration
18:15 T 42.10 Stacking Point Source Search for a Neutrino Contribution at HESE and EHE Positions with IceCube Data — •Johannes Kollek, Jan Soedingrekso, and Alexander Sandrock for the IceCube collaboration
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