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MS: Fachverband Massenspektrometrie

MS 3: Poster

MS 3.1: Poster

Montag, 20. September 2021, 16:30–18:30, P

Current status of the LIONTRAP experiment — •Sangeetha Sasidharan1,2, Olesia Bezrodnova1, Sascha Rau1, Wolfgang Quint2, Sven Sturm1, and Klaus Blaum11MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany — 2GSI Helmholtzzentrum, Darmstadt, Germany

Atomic masses with high precision are essential parameters for sensitive tests of fundamental physics. LIONTRAP (Light-Ion Trap) is a dedicated mass spectrometer aiming for various light ion mass measurements with a relative precision of a few 10−12 (ppt). Our latest results include the atomic masses of the proton [1], the deuteron and the HD+ molecular ion [2]. These show an excellent agreement with values extracted from laser spectroscopy of HD+ [3] and the comparison is limited by the precision of the relative mass of the electron, Ar(e). This brings in a motivation to measure the atomic mass of 4He which along with a g-factor measurement can improve the electron mass. Furthermore, the masses of 3He and 3T [4] can be used as an important cross-check for the determination of the electron anti-neutrino mass which is being investigated by the KATRIN experiment [5]. In this contribution I will discuss the efforts to measure the alluded systems at LIONTRAP.

[1] F. Heiße et al., Phys. Rev. A 100, 022518 (2019)

[2] S. Rau et al., Nature 585, p. 43-47 (2020)

[3] Alighanbari, S. et al., Nature 581, 152-158 (2020)

[4] E.G. Myers et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 013003 (2015)

[5] M. Aker et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 221802 (2019)

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