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SYAR: Symposium The state of the art in actinide research

SYAR 1: The state of the art in actinide research

SYAR 1.2: Hauptvortrag

Mittwoch, 22. September 2021, 11:15–11:45, Audimax

Actinide elements and fundamental nuclear structure studies — •Iain Moore — Department of Physics, University of Jyväskylä, Survontie 9, 40014, Finland.

The chemical elements known as the actinides (atomic number 89<Z<103) offer some of the most exciting and challenging opportunities for multidisciplinary science: fundamental nuclear structure research, atomic physics, chemistry and tests for Physics beyond the Standard Model. Elemental atomic spectra provide a unique window to fundamental nuclear properties, with laser spectroscopy sufficiently sensitive to probe isotopic shifts and hyperfine structure, giving access to measurements of nuclear shape, size, electromagnetic moments and spin.

In this contribution, I shall summarize efforts undertaken in recent years to realize a program of optical research at the IGISOL facility, Jyväskylä, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Mainz. Long-lived isotopes of Pu, Th and U have presented opportunities for high-resolution collinear laser spectroscopy. Online production of short-lived actinide isotopes has been realized through a combination of high intensity proton beams and novel drop-on-demand thin targets. This offers access to a region of expected octupole (pear-shaped) deformation, which with support from modern energy density functionals, may be probed via measurements of charge radii. I will also summarize the possibility to use these new beams for mass- and nuclear decay spectroscopy. These efforts are in line with wider international efforts towards the study and application of actinide nuclei.

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