SAMOP 2021 – scientific programme

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SYAW: Awards Symposium

SYAW 1: Awards Symposium

SYAW 1.3: Prize Talk

Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 15:00–15:45, Audimax

Quantum information processing with macroscopic objects — •Eugene Polzik — Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark --- Laureate of the Herbert Walther Award 2020

Single atoms and atom-like particles have always been in the mainstream of quantum information processing and quantum technologies. However, as it has been realized for the first time about twenty years ago, collective entangled quantum states of large many-body quantum systems can be generated and possess some unique properties and advantages. In the talk I will review the basic ideas and experiments with macroscopic quantum systems developed at my group over the past two decades. Examples of macroscopic entangled systems span from collective spins of large atomic ensembles to motional degrees of freedom of mechanical oscillators. Such entanglement enables quantum teleportation, quantum memory and quantum sensing with macroscopic atomic and solid state objects. A special case of measurements in a negative mass reference frame in which a simultaneous measurement of the position and the momentum becomes possible will be highlighted. Applications of this principle to sensing of magnetic fields, acceleration and gravitational waves will be briefly discussed.

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