SMuK 2021 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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PV: Plenarvorträge

Mo, 09:00–09:45 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV I: Measurement theory for quantum fields — •Christopher Fewster
Mo, 09:45–10:30 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV II: What's in a Shadow — •Heino Falcke
Di, 09:00–09:45 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV III: ASDEX Upgrade tokamak: 30 years of science and technology development for a fusion power plant — •Arne Kallenbach
Di, 09:45–10:30 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV IV: Superheavy Element Research at GSI — •Michael Block
Di, 19:00–20:00 Audimax Abendvortrag: PV V: Galaxien und Schwarze Löcher — •Reinhard Genzel
Mi, 09:00–09:45 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV VI: Low pressure dusty plasmas for the synthesis of nanocrystals and quantum dots — •Uwe Kortshagen
Do, 09:00–09:45 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV VII: Direct high-efficiency generation of the third harmonic wavelength in interference layer systems — •Marco Jupe, Detlev Ristau, and Wolfgang Rudolph
Do, 09:45–10:30 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV VIII: Geophysics in Elysium Planitia - First Year Results from the InSight Mars Mission — •Matthias Grott, Bruce Banerdt, Suzanne Smrekar, Tilman Spohn, Philippe Lognonne, Christopher Russel, Catherine Johnson, Don Banfield, Justin Maki, Matt Golombek, Domeniko Giradini, William Pike, Anna Mittelholz, Yanan Yu, and Attilio Rivoldini
Fr, 09:00–09:45 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV IX: Renaissance of nuclear physics at the LHC — •Laura Fabbietti for the ALICE collaboration
Fr, 09:45–10:30 Audimax Plenarvortrag: PV X: How does the heat get to the ice? - Comprehensive year-round observations of ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions in the high Arctic Ocean — •Christian Haas and MOSAiC Team
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