SAMOP 2023 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DD: Fachverband Didaktik der Physik

DD 52: außerschulisch/Hochschule

DD 52.1: Vortrag

Mittwoch, 8. März 2023, 14:30–14:50, DD 407

Students discover the Schwarzschild metric at a free fall tower — •Hans-Otto Carmesin — Gymn. Athenaeum, Harsefelder Str. 40, 21680 Stade — Studienseminar Stade, Bahnhofstr. 5, 21682 Stade — Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 1, Postfach 330440, 28334 Bremen

Astrophysics and general relativity motivate students. As a preparation, we introduce a measurement of a gravitational parallax distance r by using a pair of hand leads [1]. So, that distance is an element of physical reality. Additionally, we use an acceleration sensor of a mobile phone in order to discover the weightlessness at a free fall tower [2]. With it, we obtain the equivalence principle, EP. Note that we require mathematics of class 11 only. Using the real distance r, the Lorentz factor and the EP, we derive a universal position factor providing the energy of a falling object [1,3]. With it, we derive the gravitational redshift, the gravitational time dilation and the Schwarzschild metric, exactly. Interesting applications include gravitational lenses, black holes and autonomous vehicles. Moreover, based on the gravitational parallax distance r and the Schwarzschild metric, the Schrödinger equation is derived [1,3]. Experiences from teaching in classes and general study courses at a university are presented.

[1] Carmesin, H.-O. (December 2022): Unification of Spacetime, Gravity and Quanta. Berlin: Verlag Dr. Köster. [2] Könemann, T. et al. (2015): Concept for a next-generation drop tower system. Advances in Space Research, 55, pp. 1728-1733. [3] Burisch, C. et al. (2022): Universum Physik Gesamtband S2, Berlin: Cornelsen Verlag.

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